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Weight Loss Products


I used to train like 2-3 times a week at the gym a couple years ago. All I was after was just losing some weight and building some muscle, nothing super serious. I think I did alright too. I then quit to start taking my Ju Jitsu classes more seriously (3 gym workouts a week had me totally exhausted on my JJ days).

A few months after that I stopped all physical activities as I started my law internship, and barely had time to sleep, let alone do anything else. Now I'm done and have been back in the gym for a few months now. I was happy to see how quickly my body regained some of the muscle tone I've built the last few years but now I'm still facing the annoying problem of wanting to lose weight.

I'm not fat by any means, I'm 78ish kg over 1.76m. When I work out my muscles (particularly my arms) really do pop out, and are visible. However, when I'm not in the gym they're barely visible. Also, My upper ab muscles are showing, but seeing as gravity exists and all my belly fat is completely covering my bottom ab muscles.

I should probably mention I dont do any cardio, as I really hate it.

I hear there are fat burning pills one can take to help with the issue I'm having, and I also hear theres a lot of BS products that claim to work but actually dont. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for the product that'd help me.



you dont need them. exercise, diet. your arms arent visible outside of the gym because theyre small, get bigger with a lower bodyfat %


Lowering your body fat percentage will achieve the goals that you desire.