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Weight Loss Product Based on DNP-int? Side Effects?

weight loss product based on dnp-int

Sorry they want to sell me a weight loss product, designed on dnp-int, but you know if it has any side effects you can take; has anyone heard of it?

What does that mean? What are you asking?

could he potentially (and seriously) be asking whether DNP has side effects…

I don’t get the “int” part of “dnp-int”. That’s what’s throwing me off. If he means just dnp then lol, yes there are side effects, up to and including death.

“they” want to sell you a drug that was designed similar to DNP?

You want to know if there are side effects of this similar drug without giving us the name of the drug?

Is that what your asking?

There can be no way he’s asking about DNP itself and be ignorant enough to ask if there is side effects. I have to give the benefit of the doubt he’s not that dumb

DJ Khalid is popular. There is no limit to how dumb we as a people can be.


I remember reading on reddit a few weeks back someone was on 250mg DNP /day and was asking what was a safe dose to drop to for the weekend because they were going to be taking a bunch of ecstasy, drinking and going to a rave.

I deleted the reddit app soon after.

Sir if you can’t get sloshed and take 200mg of MDMA while simultaneously shooting a few lines of speed on Tren winny and DNP then you clearly don’t know how to party

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Lmao the crazy part wasn’t even that he was asking it was that people were reccomending lower doses like “just drop to 100mg/day for the weekend youl be fine bro”

Then you have the reddit guy who drained the blood from his own penis into a trash can from taking too much cialis or some shit and posted pics.

I hate reddit

Sorry sir I actually wasn’t finished with my party planning

So get to the venue, take some lasix to dry out and look joocy
drop DNP dose from 250mg/day to 249mg/day, the dose is lower so it’s safer

snort 40mg dexedrine (dexamphetamine)

Inject two grams of TNE (tren no ester)
be on cycle at the time
700mg tren E/wk, 75mg winny/day, 150mg test/wk, 4ius GH, 50iu long acting slin/day and right before the concert shoot 50iu Humalog

Diet: Ketogenic (haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

pop 200mg MDMA and pound back a litre of whisky (we want the more toxic variants of ethanol, METHANOL metabolites here we come)

finally, pop 25mg Selegiline and party

living past age 22 is overrated anyway

(this is a joke, don’t take this seriously, furthermore I have never used MDMA or any empathogen related drug and have no interest in doing so), though MDMA is quite popular amongst my demographic, esp in Aus.

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This was gold, reddit is great, what’s to hate?

The debauchery and shenanigans is very entertaining. What about the 18 y/o kid with severe depression/ suicidal idealation who was running like 2mg mtren daily

heeeerree weee gooooo


“liver protection : Jesus loves me”


iodonitrothymol dinitrophenyl ether

Photosystem II electron transport inhibitor.

This is a troubling post. What makes you think taking a herbicide is going to help lean you out? Do you have any understanding of the IC50 of this molecule vs DNP? Do you know the difference between a proton ionophore that collapses PMF (DNP) vs electron transport inhibitor (DNP-int)?

Got me curious, how do those of you who have no training or understanding of biochemistry/cell metabolism decide what to put into your body?

When I go back and read BodyOpus, USH or USH II, or USH III, I get the impression that Dan Duchaine wasn’t purposely trying to hurt anyone and if fact given the education he had, he probably really did try the best he could up until he started resurrecting DNP. If you mess up with DNP, there is no going back. Are you willing to risk you life on the lability of the ether bond in DNP-int? So when you mess with variants of DNP, how do you know if said compound is (i) going to do nothing, (ii) give you a rash, or (iii) kill you.

But really, what are the constraints you apply as you assess risk/reward for yourself?

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I promise you he doesn’t.

Neither do I tho. would you mind telling us and try to keep it as laymen as possible plz I don’t plan on ever touching anything related to DNP but am always curious to learn.


Two Diarylurea Electron Transport Inhibitors Reduce Staphylococcus aureus Hemolytic Activity and Protect Cultured Endothelial Cells from Lysis

See table 1. Ask your source what the relative rates of lipolysis to protein inhibition are and make sure these experiments are done in a low pH environment mimicking the human gut.

Why don’t you cut calories instead?

So this isn’t DNP, which is dangerous enough, but instead a different version of it that is similar(ish?) or maybe not even at all? Yeah, sounds good. Definitely something you want to put in your body. Way easier than eating less and adding in some extra LISS. JFC.

Correct, DNP derivative. Not sure whether this post is some scientist having some entertainment or genuine question. Either way, I would not mess with this family of compounds. Link below gives you some IC50 data for mammals. I think I will find a new hobby, the posts on this site keep outdoing each other and as I think you’ve mentioned many don’t appreciate the power of Google.

Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology: Principles and Agents, Volume 1

Ye I looked into this too to see what op (original poster) was talking about but I don’t believe this is sold under the guise for human consumption anywher

Can anyone give me an dumbed down version on how DNP actually works?

I dont need the Google research copy and paste I don’t particularly understand it.

But a simplified version for me someone who doesn’t have a masters in biology plz

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