Weight Loss Plateau

Hey Nags;
I,ve been lurking here for a long time now, but your post is pretty scary.
I don’t know how old you are or what your goals are, but that seems underweight! Are you ripped in appearance, or still have a layer of bodyfat?
I used the Body for life program to go from 270 Lbs at 39% bodyfat (5’7" waist 52") to about 13% bodyfat 195 Lbs 34" waist and am learning at this site to continue my progress
The point is, I am wearing only 1 size of pants larger than I did 25 years ago and yet am 20 Lbs. heavier!
Don’t lose “weight”, hit the weights and put on some muscle mass. You will still be small but heavier, and use far more calories in a day. Yiou may lose inches in some places and gain in some places and lose bodyfat and look and feel great!
As to how massive or small you want to be, that is your personal choice, just try to do it with a muscular body composition!
If you continue to lose “weight” you will lose muscle mass and will never be able to eat normal without gaining weight! (Muscle is smaller than fat and uses calories, fat is big and ugly and just sits there)
I know how tempting it is if you were a fattie, you get worried about weight.
Eat you meals and maybe a little more while hitting the iron to gain back about 10 lbs. then zigzag your eating to lose some fat!
You will look better, feel better and be able to actually eat food with out gaining fat!
I may have made some errors here, anyone please chime in if I did.


Mistake: I am not 57" tall but 5’7"

I am 46 years of age.


Totally agree…In my opinion, 1,300 calories is inappropriate for any type of T-man, ESPECIALLY an 18 year old male who lifts! If you’ve plateaued on such an intake, it’s your body begging for mercy. Adding muscle will rev up your metabolism which appears to be pretty flat right now. It doesn’t take all that much time to get ripped, and at 18 you’re in a prime muscle-building time in your life. Don’t watch the scale too closely - you should be adding muscle and maintaining/losing fat. Bodyfat percentage or simply waist size is a better indicator.