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Weight Loss Newbie Needs Help

Hello guys.

I’ve been lifting consistently for the past 1 year and have recently started on a diet to finally lose all the fat I’ve been hauling around


I began on the 1st of September.
From that time until now, this is my daily training routine :
1 - 1.5 hours weights (5-day split) 8AM
1.5 - 2 hours Rugby / Flag Football practice daily 5PM


I took in around 2400 kCal daily during this period
Around 250g protein daily from beef, egg whites, chicken and salmon
I’d aim for 50g - 60g healthy fats and about 240g carbs daily

For breakfast/pre-workout I’d make a shake using Milk, Oatmeal and some fruits.
Post-workout I’ll get a sweet drink (iced lemon tea) to go with my 5g Creatine Mono and take one of my 3 packed meals (protein + brown rice + veggies)
I’ll eat the rest of my food throughout the day between classes (I’m a college student), alternating the big meals with 3 hard-boiled eggs every 1.5 - 2 hours.
If I made 2400kCal, I’ll skip dinner. If not, I’ll cook sumthin up (according to my macros)

Question : From the progress above, is it working? Am I losing weight at a proper rate, or is it too slow? If it is, should I lower my caloric intake or should I increase it to improve metabolism? I’m new at this and have no idea what bodily cues to pay attention to.

Help appreciated guys :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve lost about 30 lbs since march. Just stick to your plan for a while and change it up as u learn more. I can definitely see a change from one pic to the next even though they ate only two months apart. It takes TIME to see results. Just keep up the work. Getting off ur ass and trying is a great step.

I recommend using something like myfitnesspal.com or the app if I have a smart phone to help track ur diet. Others might not agree, but it helps me!!!

Hey man thanks :).

It’s just that I keep reading that you should expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week.

Measuring weekly from the 1st of September, I got
-no measurement-

I dunno, seems a bit erratic, like I’m doin sumthin wrong :S

Weight loss and muscle gain are nonlinear processes = you won’t see the same results every week. You seem to be on the right track in general, maybe drop a few hundred cals from your diet plan and see what happens/how you feel. Keep going.

You made noticable progress, so good job.

The only thing I would suggest you change is to stop drinking sweet tea every day after you lift. I know why you’re doing it (pwo, creatine) but honestly your just drinking empty calories. Replace that with some more solid food throughout the day.

Hey man, these folks posted great replies on my thread, I’d listen to them! Also, I wanted to mention that u might cut down on weighing yourself so much. I only weigh and measure once a month on the first day. It’s like Christmas time for me. Weighin too much can drive u crazy. Like said above, it’s a nonlinear process.

Maybe drop to once every two weeks and drop to once a month later on once u are ready. I LOVE the measuring tape. It really lets u know what is going on with your body.