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Weight loss + Muscle Gain?

Is this possible?
MY friend told me to do the fat fast diet, so I have ordered the GROW! and hot rox off the net… will do it for a month when I get it ( wow fun :wink: )
But I would like to lose quite a bit of weight and gain some more muslce, I am almost 30% BF I am @ 278LBS 6’3 horrible I know, but I am willing to do all the changes required. Just wondering the best way to get good/quick results?

Thanks guys…

i would consider taking up an excercise routine, maybe some cycling or treamilling. personally i think that, you have already pointed out your main goal. to loose weight, so don’t be the guy in the gym that steps on the scale evertime he walks past it, get some ephedrine, hot rox is a gret product, and if you drink beer, cut back, cause beer is a tremendous stumbling block for dieters. anyhow im rambling, my advice to you is diet down as close to 15-18% and then go from there as far as gaining muscle,then can add in a supplement or maybe some gear depending on what meats you criteria , you be surprised how much more muscular you actually look and feel at 15-18% bf. but don’t go on the stumblers diet, and try and loose and gain at the same time, just way too difficult. anyhow i hope this helped.
I’m OUT !

It’s possible, but rare. Unless you’re:
A)On Gear
B)A teenager
C)Have very high natural endogenous test levels and are relatively new to training

So don’t bet on it. The most you can usually hope for when dieting down is to maintain your LBM, not add to it. In your situation losing fat must obviously be your first priority. Your sincere desire to change is quite evident, but you might want to reconsider the Fat Fast diet. It is quite extreme and has recieved mostly mixed reviews. I’m sure some other posters will enlighten you as to their experiences with it.

CT did it, but he was using test supps from biotest and hadn’t trained upper body much, so he had big gains.

Welcome brother!

I’m in the same boat well almost. I’m 315 lbs. 6’2" I’ll know my body fat tomorrow. I started getting back in shape about 2 months ago. I started by warming up slowly and training 5 times a week.

Then I went on the EDT plan with low carbs , high protein and fat low calories. It went good for a while then my metabolism slowed and I wasn’t recovering from the workouts. So I went and got some surge and began to drink that as my primary source of carbs for the day after my workout.

In the 6 weeks of hard training I’ve lost 6 scale pounds. More importantly, I’ve lost inches from my waist and stomach. And yes, I’ve gained inches in my chest, legs, shoulders and arms. Tomorrow I’ll get my BF% so that I can keep track.

Anyhow, here’s what I would recommend from my experience.

Define your goals, I know you say you want to lose fat and gain muscle. If you really want to gain muscle while losing fat you should really try the T-Dawg 2.0 diet. Eat all your carbs for the day before, during, and immegiately after your work out. On days you aren’t training eat a serving of oats in the morning and veggies for fiber.

If you want to try the fat fast diet. Train light with the weights. And do light cardio. The fat fast will probably make you feel really weak.

Reply back, let me know what your weight training plan is, how many days you plan to train, what BF% your goal is for the next month, 2 months, etc., to your ultimate goal.

I know for myself I figure it’s going to take about a year for my to get down to 250. I was there only 3 years ago. I was in great shape too.

I realize my response is a bit lengthy let me know what areas you would like me to clarify better.