Weight Loss/Muscle Gain As Quickly As Possible

I’m 51, 6’1" 230 with 30% body fat and tired of living this way.

I am looking to lose the body fat and gain muscle as quickly as possible.

What do you recommend for the best results? I have done Clen and T3 several years ago when I was in beer shape.

I’m looking for recommendation of a good cycle to get results.

I am currently not going to the gym due to covid, but walking and running. I do have access to a rowing machine.

Rather than drugs, have you considered nutriton?




Hmmmmm… I just have to wonder if autocorrect may have the answer here.

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Well thats different…im now suggesting several cycles of Guinness.


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Orlandoguy, you’re posting to a tough crowd. But they’re smart, so keep posting.

Yeah, yeah…I made a typo…enjoyed your jokes! I’m glad I could provide some entertainment.

I have been lowering carbs and increasing protein so managed to lose 15 lbs over the past 6 weeks, so I have been working on the nutrition.

How many push-ups and lunges can you do?

Picking up a doorway pull-up bar would go a long way. This plan is also something to check out: The Bodyweight Workout for Big Guys - Bigger Stronger Leaner - COMMUNITY - T NATION

The rower would be a great addition and is super-underappreciated, but simply doing cardio and watching calories isn’t the best way to get a better looking physique. You need to figure out some way to do some resistance training.

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Pursuant to Colucci’s advice, cheapest at home resistance training is with a sandbag.

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On a serious note, if I was you I would at least get some basic equipment to use at home. The chin up bar that Colucci mentioned is on obvious choice, you might also be able to get a dip bar that hooks onto it (I used to have one) and you could use that for inverted rows as well. Bands are cheap and don’t take up any space, another obvious choice.

You could do pushups, chinups, rows and dips if you can find that other bar, various shoulder and arm exercises with the bands, squats, single leg squats or lunges, band good mornings, and so on. Get an ab wheel too. It will be much cheaper than steroids and the only thing you are lacking is the determination.


I think Chris’s chin bar/dip bar/band advice is a good start to outfitting a garage gym, especially because they’re inexpensive and presently attainable. Ab wheel too. Maybe check out Amazon’s “iron infidel” bands.

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…As quickly as possible?

Try High Intensity Training (HIT) according to Dr Ellington Darden, and you may get the results you ask for. I recommend his latest “Killing fat” book.

Realizing this may be an unpopular suggestion here among strongmen, but it works and is backed up by lots of experience.