Weight Loss Help

i’m tryin to lose some weight by mostly doing cardio. i know i need to modify my diet, but i have never been successful with them. i’ve always been active, and found that the more active i am, the easier it is for me to lose the fat. i’ve been doing different kinds of cardio, and i’ve seen some results…but it seems im losing inches and not weight, which i’m totally cool with.

i would like to increase both. i’m trying to get more serious about it, so any tips would be greatly appreciate. my workout routine at the moment is as follows: 1-2 mile run 1-2x a week, sprints 1-2x per week, and i do minor weight lifting…basically arm curls and tricep dips. after my workout, i’ll consume a 12 ounce whey protein shake. i’m thinking about adding a meal replacement during the day, and possibly a fat burner.

any advice?

how much do you weigh?

how tall are you?

Why do you not want to lift serious weights(why no gym?)

How are you losing “inches” but not actual “weight”? I doubt you are replacing the inches with muscle mass considering you are not really lifting.

What’s your diet like?

as far as advice goes: wake up and take your fat burner+some BCAA’s,–>do your cardio–>eat–>lift–>eat–>start your day. Keep track of your calories and limit carbs if you are not losing weight.

Stop doing the Fu*king curls and start squating!

'You can’t out train a bad diet".

I’d be pretty interested to hear your stats… age, height, weight… your lifts if you have them (your max weights) for bench press, squat and deadlift or any other lifts you know your maxs on. Depending on your current diet; a meal replacement could be a great idea, or it could be a horrible idea. What you want to do, is burn more calories in a day then you consume. But preferably in a healthy way.

I’m 29, 5’8, and 230lbs. i’m tryin to stay outta the gym, not out of stubborness but i want to see if i can get “fit” the “rocky” way. i know it sounds ridiculous, but thats my goal…along with losing weight.

i’ve dropped 20-30lbs in the past, but i gained it back and now i’m trying to lose it again…it took me a good amount of years to gain all that weight back, so i know i’m capable of losing the weight. i’m thinking about using the meal replacement as a way to replace bad calories i might be taking in.

my schedule doesn’t really allow me to workout as i’d like. i’m up at 3am to be at work at 5am, i get off @ 330pm, then about an hour in traffic, so i usually don’t start my cardio till about 5pm. as you can see, my schedule doesn’t really allow for the “hardcore” weight training and cardio that would be ideal.