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Weight Loss Has Stalled

Hi everyone. I’ve been power lifting for the past 6 months. Admittedly, powerlifting for me might not be the same for the hardcore guys but I’m working on that.

I started weighing 300 LBS I now weigh 270. 30 pounds ain’t bad but I look like a muscular guy that likes cake if you know what I mean.

I’ve been stuck at exactly 270 for about 2 months now. I work out 3-4 times a week. I’ve added cardio twice a week as well. I’ve seen some dramatic improvements. I ran a 5 K, I’ve dropped several pants sizes etc but now I’m stuck. Plateaus are a bitch…

Any advice?

what’s your diet look like?

I’m not huge on counting calories but I went through my normal routine and looked at some labels. I’m estimating that I am eating between 2000 and 2500 calories a day.

I have cut almost all sugar out of my diet. I get plenty of protein. And when I’m hungry I eat but I never realized my calories were so low.

I know a calorie deficit is a big part of weight loss but I wonder if I’m not getting enough calories to get out of starvation mode.

That is a pretty big calorie deficit for you. I would say add on 5-600 calories per day for the next week and keep your routine the same. See how you feel. That change will trigger your metabolism to speed up and could break through your plateau, given you keep up the intensity in the gym. Also, make sure your macros are reasonable, that you’re getting enough essential fats (important for fat loss) and enough protein.

I’m going to give that a shot.

I work hard when I’m at the gym. I think diet makes sense as the weak link.

I’ll update this in a week or so and let you know how it goes.

If anyone else has any advice on how to jump start this I’m listening!


Despite what everyone on these forums pretends to showboat, the metabolic slowdown that arises from dieting isn’t that huge of an issue. At most, you’ll burn 20% calories.

Your issue is that you are not counting calories and are thus maintaining your weight. It doesn’t matter if you cut all sugar, alcohol, etc. What matters is the deficit and the protein intake. If you meet your protein requirements, and are in a deficit, you should lose fat without muscle.

I’m clear on the concept of a calorie deficit. What isn’t quite as clear is how much of a deficit you should have.

That estimate of 2k to 2500 calories a day is accurate. I eat a lot of protein, either in the form of meat, eggs or via supplement.

The other part that boggles my mind is that I’m putting on muscle and gaining strength. The more muscle I put on the less the scale really tells me. I’m not basing this too heavily on the weight itself but more on the mirror and how my clothes fit.

You really should use something like Fitday for a week or more to actually see the calories you’re eating and the macro-nutrient breakdown. Trust me, it will help you figure out what you need to change.

Just wanted to report back. I started tracking my calories and logging everything I eat. Within a week I lost 7 pounds. I’m gonna make the safe bet and say diet was the problem.

Thanks to everyone that responded.

Maintenance calories are 14-16 per lb of body weight. A good negative calorie balance would be 10-12 calories per lb of body weight.


I used fitday to get a basic understanding of what I was doing and now I don’t really need it anymore. It helped show me that I just wasn’t eating enough. I’m currently down 40 lbs from a much lighter starting point (212 @ 5’11") now 175… but more muscular

I had the same problem. I wasn’t eating nearly enough. I’m still having a hard time keeping up with the recommended caloric intake. (which is right around what you said Kevin.)

If you have truly stalled out on a super low carb diet then its very likely that your leptin is fucked up.

Take a high carb/high cal day and then go back at it. That should be enough to restart your progress.

On another note, I just did a morning run - 5miles w/ 2 HOT-ROX pills in me’

I’m not a runner but paired with some music, it is an intense feeling to put my not-so-track-like body to the test.