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Weight Loss From Sickness

I think this may be totally unrelated to the pursuit of muscle, but I’ve been trying to gain weight by lifting and working out, and I recently got a stomach flu and I lost probably like three pounds or something. Is there anyone here that takes like vitamin packs or something to avoid getting sick? If anyone does, what do you recommend? Thanks…

Man, I just let it do it thing. I’ve had food poisoning twice already. First time I lost 4lbs and the second time I lost 8 through the course of 3 days. I couldn’t keep a shake down. All I did was lay on my cot hoping to get better soon or pass out. Let it run its course IMO.

Vitamins don?t prevent sickness, and taking excess vitamin C just makes diarrhea worse. Avoid children, people with children, restaurants where people take children, hospitals, doctors offices etc. Wash your hands often. And if fish or chicken smells or looks even a little funny throw it away. Never eat rare burgers in restaurants.

I lost 16 lbs in 6 days when I recently got sick. I gained it all back and more in less than a month. Muscle memory. :slight_smile:

Funny, I got sick the week that I skipped taking my supplements (fish oil, anti-oxidants, etc).

There are some sites dedicated to the pursuit of life extension, and heavily promote vitamins and supplements to prevent diseases.
Here’s one: www.maxlife.org/ownersmanual.pdf