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weight loss for athletes

I am looking for a way to drop 20lbs over this summer. Being a college athlete my coach felt that it would be a good idea to trim down this much to be more competitive. The only problem is I have a difficult time trimming weight and fat. I have a tendency when I lift hard over the summer to put on lots of muscle mass but I don’t necessarily lose the excess fat that I carry around. I also have found that my motabolism is about as slow as a snail crawling on glue. I have tried switching up the lifting routine to higher reps over the past few summers and am now trying a new diet, but I was wondering if anybody had any tips on how to drop a lot of weight and fat over the summer. Any tips on diet, supplements and workout routines would be greatly appreciated.

check out a few of the articles on diets, however skip the ones that say things such as “massive eating” (which is great for doing the opposite of what you want.) things like t-dawg are pretty good (its similar to the diet i am on now). also the “foods that make you look great nekid” (similar to that food list i gave you) will help out when selecting your food choices. see ya steve (hehe)

try to transition into more whole foods and away from processed and refined foods, als i would use carbohydrate sources from exclusively whole grains, veggies, fruit, and oats

Go to the current issue of T-Mag, scroll to the bottom of the page once the Atomic Dog column loads, and click on FAQ. Scroll down to the workout and diet sections. Enjoy.