Weight Loss Cycle for the Wifey!

Hi y’all. Been awhile.

I need a little help, please. Critique this cycle - for my wife.

40 Year Old Female.
Trained for most of her adult life including college v-ball.

She’s always been fit. She lifts and does cardio. People tell her she has big arms.

She eats roughly 1800 to 2200 calories per day. She could tell you exactly but she doesn’t know I’m posting this. Yeah, I know. Still, the feedback will be worth it.

She had her appendix removed laproscopically [sic] a year ago and she gained a few pounds that’s she’s been absolutely unable to remove.

I thought a short cycle might help. She did an anavar cycle a few years ago and had good results.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

20-40 mcg Clen ED
20 mcg T3 ED
10 mg Anavar ED
2mg Ketitofen ED

3 weeks.

I added the Ketitofen based on something I read about reducing the side effects of Clen. I’m a little unsure and didn’t even know about it until last week.

The Var is strictly muscle sparing - she isn’t looking to gain any muscle.

Go easy on me. I know what works for me but this is like voodoo.


Ketotifen supposedly upregulates beta receptors. It will not reduce any side effects. If anything it will increase them. It is usually used after 4th week of using Clen when its fat burning effects diminish. She will not need it for 3 weeks.
Call me crazy but I do not believe 3 weeks are enough time to achieve any goal, fat loss or otherwise.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Yes, RB, it HAS been a long time, but it’s nice to see you again :slight_smile:

I agree that 3 weeks is too short. You might lose 3lbs of fat - if you get it right.

I don’t agree with the use of T3 or clen really.

GH can work well, but often not if the lady in question is on hormonal contraception.


Howdy BBB!

This is what we’re doing:

10-20 mcg Clen ED
20 mcg T3 ED
30 mg Anavar ED

3 weeks

20 mg anavar ed

3 weeks

20 mcg Clen ED
20 mcg T3 ED
20 mg Anavar ED

3 weeks

Then we’ll see where she stands…


Any thing over 10-15mgs a day of anavar for a woman is RISKY

[quote]idowhatican wrote:
Any thing over 10-15mgs a day of anavar for a woman is RISKY[/quote]

Technically any dosage has risks.

Also while I think Clen is hazardous I feel it is “acceptable” in terms of risk.

T3 I do not, I do not feel it should be used, very effective, but quite dangerous, many many use it without incident, but the risks are too high for my tastes, certainly if I were dealing with ANOTHER’S health and not my own.

Certainly starting with a very low dose is MUCH preferred with both steroids and Thyroid hormones.

I do recall Bill Roberts saying that low dose drol was a very low risk androgen for women, clinically speaking it is often the drug of choice for wasting disease/anemia in women to minimize virilization, and certainly its a bit less likely to be faked than var, which is quite a expensive and popular drug.

Getting fake gear would be my main concern with a female. With a guy, getting dbol, M1T or winny instead would piss me off, but I would still use it, with a girl, its a game ender depending on the dose.

Bill Roberts would certainly be the guy to talk to concerning anything related to female cycles. I recommend shooting him a PM.