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Weight Loss Cutting Cycle for Woman


Hi y'all. Been awhile.

I need a little help, please. Critique this cycle - for my wife.

40 Year Old Female.
Trained for most of her adult life including college v-ball.

She's always been fit. She lifts and does cardio. People tell her she has big arms.

She eats roughly 1800 to 2200 calories per day. She could tell you exactly but she doesn't know I'm posting this. Yeah, I know. Still, the feedback will be worth it.

She had her appendix removed laproscopically [sic] a year ago and she gained a few pounds that's she's been absolutely unable to remove.

I thought a short cycle might help. She did an anavar cycle a few years ago and had good results.

Here's what I'm thinking.

20-40 mcg Clen ED
20 mcg T3 ED
10 mg Anavar ED
2mg Ketitofen ED

3 weeks.

I added the Ketitofen based on something I read about reducing the side effects of Clen. I'm a little unsure and didn't even know about it until last week.

The Var is strictly muscle sparing - she isn't looking to gain any muscle.

Go easy on me. I know what works for me but this is like voodoo.