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Weight Loss Compitition


Hello everyone......
I have a question actually it's more help. I am having a weight loss compittion at work. it is based on percentage of bodyweight lost. I know it should be about bodyfat, but no one would be interested and hey losing weight is better than none when we are overweight.

Now I want to make a handicap for women since men lose weight faster. The comp is for one month (just to keep them interested) so what would be appropriate for a handicap. The compitition starts this monday august 8. thank you everyone who replies.


Well the more fat you have the easier it is to lose, so by the same logic you'll need a handicap for fatter people too.


Yes I know.. but it is a simple contest and I want the ladies to have a fair shake. Look it comes down to percent of weight lost. I did it with the guys only and it came down to 2 people from opposite ends of the scale Guy A started at 259 ended at 218 lost 41 lbs ( 15.8% ) guy B 195 ended at 165.5 lost 29.5 lbs overall ( 15.1% ).

I just want the ladies to have a shot. Of course the last contest was for three months. This one will be for 1 month.


Well, instead of trying to find a fair way to devise a calculation, why not have two winners... one for each gender?





the reason i do not have two winners is because there are only three ladies and 10 guys. So the split will give the girls nothing. If I split it 50/50 then the guys cry.


Thank god you aren't having a spelling compEtition. j/k

I'm actually impressed that the women will get on the scale in front of you.

How about asking them for a target weight loss amount and giving them bonus points for more weight lost and taking away points for not losing enough.