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Weight Loss Competition

I need some opinions from T-Nation. I’ve been off my diet (or any other eating plan) for over 6 months and I’m kicking off a weight loss competition next week. The only factor is weight loss with no regards to body comp and substantial cash prizes for the winners. The competition runs for 12 weeks and I’m looking to drop 60-90 lbs. (yeah, yeah it’s not healthy, but I’m a fat bastard and that’s not healthy either)

So I’m thinking V-Diet and AD, but I know I can’t keep up the V-Diet for 12 weeks. So I’m wondering if you do the V-Diet first and then transition into the AD or vice versa?
The goal being to drop body weight rapidly and continually for the 12 weeks without resorting to Methamphetamine.
Any thoughts and opinions are welcome and appreciated.