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Weight Loss Attack for My Friend

he is 260, around 20, 5’11. He has never Benched, squated, or deadlifted. he wants to loose weight, but also wants to have some strength gains. i need a nutrition plan, and help with a workout plan. I was thinking chad waterburys total body strength, and on off days HIIT in the morning , perhaps befor breakfest depending on what you say. i want him to do compound, full body movements, but also cardio.

I want his diet to be as clean as possible. im not sure what to do for nutrition as i only know the basics, anyhelp would be very welcomed, he really has motivation for this, so please help him, thank you!

look up starting strength by rippetoe. and cut crap from the diet. as in no candy/soda/sugary doodoo/pizza/fast food. increase fiber intake. drink a gallon of water a day. methinks he could loose alot of fat in as little as a month just by doing simple stuff like that.

carbs from things like oatmeal or vegetables. lots of healthy proteins of the whole food variety.

to ehco therizza, your friend sounds like he can loose loads of fat just by dropping the crap from his diet, which there must be alot of at 260lbs

Given that it is you seeking direct advice and not your friend I would lead him into this slowly, too much too quickly and he may bail on you. You say he is motivated but if you push him too far too quickly he may quit.

To keep him motivated I would suggest taking his weight and measurements so that depending on what is the best lost each week you can use that as his motivational prod ie wow geezer you lost 4lbs OR you the man your waist is half an inch smaller.

They say that it takes up to two weeks to habit form so I would start him for the first two weeks with

2 full body routines and then 2 hiit sessions at convenient times when you can join him for motivation. I know this doesn’t seem much but with his size he will lose wieght

I would also clean up his diet but don’t restrict him too much to start.
For example if you get him to have chicken etc let him have a sauce on top so that he likes it, it is still way better than kentucky fried chicken. And let him have a ‘proper’ cheat meal once a week.

I assure you as he starts to get results you can up the number of workouts and the tempo, and improve his diet further.

Lastly if you are using a gym, if he is conscious about his size try and start by visiting when it’s a little quieter to build up his confidence…nothing worse than feeling fat whilst benching with some muscle dude peering over waiting for his turn.

Do not do HIIT in the morning on an empty stomache.

Don’t rush him into this, start a little slower, I would recommend a diet consisting of real food, less shit. Lean protein, frutis, veggies, whole grains. Also, teach him the basics, or at the least point both of you to the beginner articles on this site.

Total body is probably the way to go, you can try Starting Strength. I would recommend only resticting calories slightly from estimated requirements, as it is possible for a beginner to gain both strength and size while losing fat.

The biggest thing is getting him conscious of what he is eating and getting him to bust his ass in the gym.