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I am doing some research on the nutrition field, and I would like a little help compiling a list of people that the T-Nation crowd respects. Who better to ask right?

I am looking for feedback on whether or not someone should be on the list, or you can tell me people that I should be adding. Basically, if you respect this person as a resource, that is what I am looking for.

Here is what I have so far:
Alan Aragon
Alwyn Cosgrove
Amanda Carlson
Anthony Colpo
Anthony Ricciuto
Brian St Pierre
Cassandra Forsythe
Chad Waterbury
Chris Aceto
Chris Shugart
Christopher R. Mohr
Clay Hyght
Craig Ballantyne
Dave Barr
Dr. Eric Serrano
Dr. Jeff Volek
Dr. John Berardi
Dr. Johnny Bowden
Frank Katch
Gary Taubes
Holly Rigsby
Jamie Hale
Jean Jitomir
Jeffrey R. Stout
Jon Benson
Jose Antonio
Josef Brandenburg
Julia Ross
Justin Harris
Kaayla Daniel
Kaayla T. Daniel
Layne Norton
Lee Zimmerman
Leigh Peele
Lonnie Lowery
Loren Cordain
Lyle McDonald
Marion Nestle
Mary Enig
Mike Ormsbee
Mike Roussell
Pamela Peeke
Paul Crane
Rachel Cosgrove
Richard Bernstein
Robert Catalini
Robert Crayhon
Scot Abel
Scott H. Mendelson
Scott Tousignant
Susan M. Kleiner
Tom Venuto
Victor Katch
Will Brink

Thanks in advance for your help.


Christian Thibaudeau for SURE should be in there...


Ha I just realized after I posted it, since I was looking for one of his articles. Good eye though, thanks.


No sweat... :slightly_smiling:


I don't know who half those people are. I can tell you who I personally respect for nutrition advice. I really pay attention to the three with the *'s.

Dr. John Berardi*
Chris Aceto
David Barr
Justin Harris*
Layne Norton*
Lyle McDonald
Scott Abel
Dr. Johnny Bowden
Dave Palumbo




Bill Roberts?




Thanks for the feedback.


Charles Poliquin.
Dr. Mauro DiPasquale
Michael Pollan


Jen Heath


I left Lonnie Lowery off my list. Accident. You can add him in there too, for me.


Tad Inoue has solid info, and he might just bump Thibs down a notch on the "best contributor's physique" list. :wink:


I told to him he'd be more-than-welcome here at T-Nation, but he's wicked busy with clients, his own bodybuilding competitions, a fiancee, and a baby on the way.


Thanks Chris, Tad looks like a good add to the list.


Josef Brandenburg is a great source as well and should be high on your list!


Phil Kaplan


Hany Rambod, Chad Nichols, Skip Hill, Dante Trudell


Shelby Starnes is making noise!


Ori Hofmekler and Vince Gironda.