Weight Loss and Nighttime Grow!

okay okay, My nutrition is fairly calculated, but i am losing weight for wrestling. I was wondering if Low-Carb Grow! at nighttime would yield any benefit.

I am not trying to gian muscle actually I am trying to lose some, but maintain my strength the regiment of nutrition and exercise is in line, but the opinions of most are conlficted on this subject as some feel the extra protien would not give any more benefits over the equivalent extra carbohydrates in the day time. thank you.

Yes it will help. Take it with some fish oil before you go to bed. This will cause the Low-Carb Grow! to be digested slower, thereby preserving lean muscle mass. Wake up in the morning, have another shake with some caffiene and go for a high intensity walk, preferably up hill. This will preserve your LBM while burning fat.

Low-Carb Grow! will help.

However, not as well as something like HOT-ROX or Carbolin 19. I would give either a try. Carbolin 19 if you don’t have much to lose and really want to work on strength. It sounds to me like you can really nail a maintenance level diet which is where Carbolin 19 is said to work best. If your main goal is 100% fatloss and just to maintain what you’ve got, HOT-ROX is the answer. I’d take a serious look into these as they are designed for what you describe.

In the area of nighttime protein, I have always noticed better weight management with Low-Carb Grow!. I take flax oil and 3 fish oil caps with my night shake.

I will echo the already given answers and say yes to the Low-Carb Grow! For a fat source however I may suggest Flax Meal instead. It will give the Fats and Fiber to make digestion slow of both the fats and protein.

With the rest of your diet in order it will help keep that meatbolism from being to downregulated by giving sustained slow release.

Good luck.

Uh maybe I misread the original post, but I disagree (especially with Philll and TriGWU :).

Dude’s trying to lose muscle mass, so Low-Carb Grow! will not help with this.

To lose mass, fast all night.

Good luck, you won’t need it. LOL

Nah, I wouldn’t bother w/ the Grow!. Empty-stomach, morning-cardio would help your goals too.

Thanks for the replies. To clarify, I am already at a minimum bodyfat and have roughly 2-3 pounds of fat to lose. The Grow! would be at nighttime after a very sensible dinner and a pw shake of Surge, I was thinking, the nature of the sport dictates a dramatic intake of carbohydrates for sustained training, however, i was thinking of adding morning sprint work since it taxes the anaerobic system, and would burn calories without requiring significant extra carbohydrate intake.

I am hoping to get some information regarding appropriate pw nutrition after a morning of empty stomach 15-30 second interval sprints. The night time Grow! should provide significant anabolism to counteract the morning sprints, Ideally I would not be losing muscle but life sucks so I better get a helmet and maybe take a spinning class.

What is this for?

I still cannot put a finger on your goals.