Weight Loss and Muscle gain

I have a friend who stands atleast six feet tall and weighs between 260 and 275. He would like to lose weight and gain muscle. He is looking to be around 220 and 230 for the summer with increase in muscle. Can anyone suggest any advice or articles (either from this site or elswhere on the net)that I can print up for him to help him reach his goals. I am looking for trainng and nutrition articles for a naturally big boned all around big guy. It’s not that I can’t find anything good. It’s the opposite. There are mountains of different views on the subject and I don’t feel like making a favour for a friend a full time job nor do I feel like printing hundreds of pages up at my expense that the dude will never get around to reading.

Does he not have access to the net? If so tell him to come to t-mag and read. If he don’t want to study and make his own decision, he will never stick to what you give him anyway.

Look for a thread under my name as well as a thead under TheBow’s…we each have goals along the lines of what you listed…I started mine about two weeks ago and on each of our threads, we’re getting very specific help/suggestion/guidance.

Also on the home page, look for t-dawg 2.0 diet…it will also recommend workouts.

Maybe I missed something in your post, but unless your friend doesn’t have a computer, you should get him on this site and get him doing some reading/research…you can only do so much for him.