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Weight Loss and Lady Time


I know that. This is a 28 day re calibration thing. I needed structure. This gave me that. It will be easier after establishing that. Three a lot to juggle here… full time job, college, I own an LLC, trademark lawyers & freelance work. Velocity actually made this simpler.


Just take care of yourself cuz we all care :hugs:. My story is long and im going through intense ptsd therapy while juggling cardiologist appointments. It’s INTENSE but I have to go through it and the anger and hate is subsiding and I know everything isn’t black and white. I fear my cardiologist appts that I’ll have problems again, so, I take care of myself 100%. Life can be tough trust me, I know


Have you been to mind-body-medicine?


Nope I haven’t. I’m in deep ptsd for POW (wasn’t a POW but had some very traumatizing things happen)therapy with a sprinkle of anger management. Essentially they rip your insides out make you process everything and then stitch you back together. No pain no gain :exploding_head:


Yeah, check out mind body medicine through the san Diego balboa hospital website. Theres a mindbody medicine link. It’s good for PTSD, stress, physical pain, anxiety… its backed by science & the military is starting to fund it.


I can’t take meds cuz I have long qts. Ty kindly though :hugs:. I tried Xanax which is safe, ugh works for some but not me because it made me messed up.


No meds. This is all meditation, breathing… Mindbody meditation. I’m against meds. Sorry if typo - rhythmic breathing- finding your center. Backed by science, no drugs at all. Improve everything.


The course comprised of PTSD patients, stressed out anesthesiologists, nurses & doctors, amputees, car accident survivors, broken backs, depression… you name it. Counseling & drugs didnt work… this did


… and it started in WARCOM, w/ army SF & SEALS… they started using it and that’s how I found out about it. Its awesome


Oh wow, I’ll talk to my therapist. I’m in a type of CPT therapy but very invasive. Ugh, meditating is a really hard one for me because the only time I can relax is when I’m chopping veggies, but I’m asked at times to do imagery. I’m kinda always in the fight or flight mode. I am doing better since starting because my subconscious is such a bitch, I had to get help. I hope you’re doing better. How are things going? :hugs:


They are going well. I know how it is when the fight or flight gets abused. It sucks. Like you’re trapped or drowning… it gets better. If you’re into audio books or books, check out the power of now by eckhart tolle. I only read nonfiction. It helps your perception so much. Those books & the mind body meditation saved my life.


Ty for pointers. I sent an email asking about it :hugs:. I’m glad you’re good!


Last official day on Velocity diet … in the parking lot about to get my body fat taken and blood tests afterwards. Tomorrow will.be pics and I’ll post the results of at least the body fat. I’m extending until Tuesday. Thanks for all the support.


I posted my results on biotest. I lost about 3% body fat, a couple inches in the middle, and my skin looks awesome- all in 28 days. I’m. Sticking to the protocol a bit longer. Thanks for the support. :slight_smile:


Hey, congratulations!! That’s awesome. Looking good. You have a very pretty figure. That’s a pretty fantastic change over four weeks. WHOOT!!!

Best of luck going forward.


Looking good, congrats!


My pre & post bloodwork Blood work as promised.


Wow, thanks! I have been weighing myself in the mornings 1st thing. It fluctuates a bit, but the benchmarks are on the week, every 7 days. That’s all, really. It’s also difficult to train when I’m accustomed to crossfit style workouts at my job. Its good though because of the sudden change in my diet. The hardest part is the lack of social interactions. I’ve become a total hermit.


That’s the most discouraging part for most. Fortunately, I’m already a hermit. If it wasnt for my job, I’d have zero human interaction. I think that’s because I live in a tourist town whose only activities are immersed heavily in consuming copious amounts of alcohol… which I lost Interest in In my late 20’s. I took to red wine a bit, but after Velocity, I’m retardedly sensitive to any alcohol. This is a good thing. Wine is expensive and art supplies will take its place :slight_smile: best of luck :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: