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Weight Loss and Lady Time


I wish I could help but I’ve never taken those or know zilch about them…I see you posted this awhile ago…




I started august 3rd.


Its 1 softgel per shake. I feel dumb now


I see that you figured it out. These supplements can be helpful, but make no mistake, the calorie deficit is doing most of the work. You weighed in at 154, yeah? That’s great progress.


I weighed 157 this morning… my body doesnt like to drop actual weight. I didnt eat for 9 days on liquid cleanse one time & I lost less than 2 lbs. I’m going to have to extend it to see actual weight loss or up the intensity. I took 10 years of gymnastics growing up. I’m 37. I trained HIIT + cardio most of my career & that’s what my body will respond best to, which sucks, but it can be fun. I’m looking at picking up with shortcut to shred.


As a former anorexic if you’re really interested in losing weight, I can give you some pointers because from what I’m reading, you need help.i can give you some advice but don’t go overboard because I don’t see a problem with your current weight, but if you are miserable enough which appears in your posts. I can help because I can see flaws in your regimen. But scales are for fish! But life’s not worth living if you’re miserable with yourself and i Hate seeing misery. And if you ever think of becoming a bulimic…even an exercise one, I will hunt you down and make you do volunteer work with people who are dying from wanting to lose weight at any cost. Again, I believe you are fine. Consuming all your energy on weight loss can really fuck you up, and for some, the number on the scale will never be good enough…


Troubleshooting this a bit here. You may want to ask for help on the Biotest side of the forum, since they support the V-Diet over there.

To clarify.

You’ve been doing V-diet for 3 weeks? You started at 159, but you’ve been seeing 154 this week as a low? If so, that’s 5 pounds in three weeks. One or two high days of fluctuating up to 157 is nothing to worry about. Stay the course. I have not done V-Diet, but ideal weight loss is1-2 pounds of weight loss each week. If you seem stuck to stay stuck at 157, and stop seeing lower morning weights more often, then you are NOT on a calorie deficit.

I was looking at your food log.

You’re drinking 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive four times per day? That’s 880 calories if you’re making shakes with water.

You’re eating about 550 calories in an evening meal? Is that typical? With the Metabolic Drive, that would be a total of 1430 calories.

How many calories are you taking in from Plasma, other supplements, other sources?


I’m not going for anorexic. I want 137ish. I’ve never been a fan of whey, but Velocity makes sense. You’re right, I’m not at a deficit. My base metabolic rate sits around 1400ish cals/day. I have a plan post v diet, similar, yet minus the copious amounts of whey & ill supplement veggie protein. I should drop more pounds when I supplement animal based protein for vegetable protein. It doesnt add on muscle mass like the whey, but it maintains what I have and makes it more dense instead of adding size- I think that’s why im having this type of development. I toyed with the idea of going to one scoop, but the diet specifically says to stick to 2. I like my figure, really I do… I’m just trying to find my groove. I think velocity is putting me in check, but it will have to be after where I’ll see a real change. That’s ok. I feel great, I’m on a good training program & I have a follow on.


… and I have one person who follows my progress on the biotest. He and I are In similar situations. So i posted on here :slight_smile:


My Plazma is 1 scoop with half the flavoring because it’s too strong. Only water with my protein. The only other thing I take are multivitamins, a biotin, probiotic, and Hot-Rox, 1am & 1 at lunch. I’ll do a black coffee if I get sleepy- maybe half a cup twice a week. I wont take more than one fat burner at a time./ 2 total a day. No dairy, and I’ve eaten red meat 2x since last may. If I’m hungry, I’ll eat lettuce with some red wine vinegar and a teaspoon of olive oil & salt & pepper.


are liquid cleanses seriously recommended on biotest side. I have a beef with that. Part of why I was going to give pointers


Its supplemented and I weigh and cook my dinner.


I’m decided. Im removing the bed time shake. It puts me over my deficit. After reviewing the comments and my math, it makes sense. I can take the 4th flame oit with my dinner to total the days serving size, but that will put me into the deficit required to get the results I’m looking for on this diet. I’ll still extend it 4 days, then taper it off back to food.


Just V-diet which is for a short time period. Also, they have you enter your height and weight and will tell you it’s not meant for people who are already within their ideal BW range.

Agree w/ most liquid diet plans. When you come off, you have to learn to just eat healthfully and reasonably anyway. There’s no magic bullet for that.


I’m sorry but I believe in eating Whole Foods to fuel and energize the body. Eating “proper” portions of fiber rich, high antioxidant foods such as fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds lean protein and healthy fat, will give the results for a persons HEALTH and weight especially for the long term.

I’ve found working with people on liquid diets especially if in a reduced calorie form leads to hungry, grumpy yo yo dieting. I hate to sound harsh but dealing with people trying to lose weight that usually gain even more back. Plus how can you have fun and socialize, is that living…and how on earth do you have the energy to motivate yourself to even do 10 push ups. Sorry I know this isn harsh sounding. I might get banned but I’m so against non natural things. There are healthier ways to lose weight, and i persoonally belief health comes first. It’s about motivation, dedication will power and being in tune with your mind and body. Our bodies are beautiful and unique and should never take them for granted. Sorry I got on my soap box but I know some people have health concerns and meds that cause weight gain. But I promise you that eating the way you would hope your “child” would eat, someone should self reflect and say…”My body deserves to be loved.” No pain no gain. Portion control and nutritional Whole Foods, and never forget h2o. Love you all and hate being a bitchy person. But I truly believe scales are for fish and bf%arent accurate due to bone density etc. there is nothing magical about losing weight. If you want To lose weight bad enough gloves have to come off and time for some hard work. Instant gratification doesn’t last. So, keep fighting and one day it’ll be a lifestyle to be proud of…


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Post isn’t completely there…I can see you suffer from ptsd which I’m in therapy for


This is an experiment. I’ve done one other “diet” ever in my life in 2009- get away from all the welding and metal work I was doing & to detox from inhaling all the lead fumes from the electrical solder work I was also doing.
The truth is that The last 5 years left me with PTSD. Hostile/ toxic working environment coupled with Working 5am til 8 PM many times skipping breakfast without getting more than 15 minute lunch breaks and garbage for dinner if I even ate dinner. I didnt want that & didnt realize that going into that specific job. I ate whatever I could get my hands on which by the way all the military bases stock is McDonald’s, panda Express & garbage vending machines, so I’d skip meals. My doctor said I was vitamin deficient after blood work came back & forget having time to work out; I got skinny-fat. The depression got bad…
Eating a healthy Diet wasnt realistic until now. I was in a bad way until I got orders out of where I was. I’m forcing myself to recalibrate. It might be harsh, but its what I need to reset my brain from those conditions. This gives me control. Anyone who has lived through something like this can relate. You’re entitled to your thoughts & guess what, I agree with you; before I found myself in that situation, I was strict pescaterian/ no dairy and crossfitting my butt off; I had to because my injuries hurt when I’m out of shape ( which is another reason Im doing this) I tend to go too heavy too hard too fast because it’s all i know- I trained with spec ops for years… This program forces conservative boundaries. What I’m getting at is the circumstance I found myself in warranted something drastic.
The sad truth & my social dynamic… going through that turned me into a serious loaner. I have a boyfriend and when we are together, we go out all the time when we do get to see one another… My previous experience forced me into solitude which is probably why I’m Not having a ‘super’ hard time with this diet. I know A LOT of people (aquaintences) & I’m working on making more “friends,” but after living like that for such a long time, it’s become a bad habit. The other deterrent is that- aside from going to the gym?? every single local event here revolves around alcohol. I search on fb fitness events and it comes up with f*&^%$* pub crawls… hashing may be an option, but the drinking practices aren’t exactly something I’m a fan of; I’m in a spring break town. I used to do a lot of hiking and snowboarding… no longer an option in florida. I do have my skydiving license though… might go do that more. I also freelance artwork.
I was looking at the velocity diet for several months before I decided to do it. Reasons are there: now I have time to workout and im home long before bed time ( I’m actually still trying to get used to that)… I can meal prep!!! I have a week before I’m back to whole foods & I found a fun & challenging workout routiene to pick up with. So my frustrations are out. It took a s*** load of self help books & counseling to pull my head out of my a**. I’m open about it & I think the world needs to be conscious about how & why people lose their way and being able find something to help get them back on track, maybe not a V diet, but something that gives back control . We all have our reasons for doing things & This is part of what I needed to move forward with my life. Things are now awesome!


Idk how in the world that posted like that… apologies