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Weight Loss and Lady Time


You bet. Nice to have you here.

Hey, I went over and lurked your V-diet log. Wow, you have a beautiful feminine figure. You’re carrying the weight really well give you’re only 5’3". I would have guessed you as much lighter in your before pics. You have a nice hourglass figure there, so this will be really fun! Love the stars and stripes bikini, BTW. You mentioned that you have an active job, I believe teaching a class for the military? Are you active duty or civilian?

I don’t go over to the V-diet section of this site, and have never done that diet. Please feel free to tag any of us on this side of the site if you want feedback or support.



Wow thanks so much for your kind words and input!!! I was teaching dive school. Im an active duty navy diver with Injuries & I had difficulty finding time to train past my Injuries with the schedule we kept. I transferred to another local unit where I have time to eat and train how I should have been this entire time and it’s been awesome. I’m still figuring out the site, so I’ll see about tagging people. I just took 4 half way photos and posted them on my V diet blog. Waiting for the admin to approve them. I covered up my ink, but I’m like one of 5 women in the navy that does what it do… so. Anyways, thanks again for the motivation!!


Gotcha. @ Diving for the military. That’s amazing. Much respect. The many years of an athletic life show.

I saw your update pictures. Waist and midsection tightening up, yeah? I think so, too. You’ll do the V-diet for a month?

@ Relocating from the west coast to Florida, cultural difference in food for sure. I’ve been a bit stunned to see at all the fried food and heavier people when I’ve visited the south. I’m not far from Camp Pendelton, much respect for those young families and the sacrifices they make.

@ Tagging people, and logs. If you type @deepseakitten, they’ll see a notification by their avatar, and they can click and see your post. You might want to poke around the Training Log section. We had a former military young woman here, but she was coming back from an injury and I haven’t seen her in awhile. I will tag her. @countrygirl2016, if you see this know I’m thinking of you and hope you’re doing well.

Also, you might appreciate @idaho’s thread in Combat. Super competent person. Preparedness, self-defense, law enforcement kinds of things. We have quite a few former military or active duty people here.


Deepseakitten (or Powerpuff),

What is the exact address of that? (your V-Diet log)

Thanks and best regards!


The V-Diet logs are over in Biotest forums.


Cool, lots of officers in my family. Go army beat navy :rofl:

Yes, lots of us are fry cooks in the south…I’ve got my jar of lard when needed. However, I tend to avoid it unless people want it…it’s fun to fry okra or make chicken fried chicken or chicken fried steak for people who’ve never experienced the fry everything you see roots. Hatch peppers are in season woo-hoo! Made some yummies yesterday! Crap, sorry I know you’re trying to lose…no, what’ll make you lose weight is to watch me get my lard out of its jar and look at its grossness and imagine that the shit your eating was fried in that nasty ass solidified bacon grease. Watch it melt and splatter as you fry :face_vomiting:. To lose weight it’s in your head. for me to gain, I focused on the time and effort. To lose weight, focus on the negative aspects of cooking. Visualization really can help.


Thanks a lot Powerpuff!

Best regards!


Wow, that’s awesome! I plan on doing the 4 weeks plus 4 days. My bf is coming to visit and what this diet has done for my skin is just awesome. It’s not so bad, I just wish there was more to do around here. I’m going to maintain a similar type diet as I come off Velocity. My bf wants to try the diet as well…he is already ripped. Hes never attempted to restrict his diet. He is swooning over my progress so far. Thank you for all the support. I’m really feeling my leg this week. It’s crazy how much my cycle affects my energy, but I’m pushing through it :slight_smile: thanks for the support.


All the woman are rooting you on🤗. We’re gonna take over! Dang I’ve obviously been playing the world of Warcraft expac…for the horde…sorry about that…it’s off topic. But I’m very competive in all I do. Best of luck!


I dont fry food, I never have. I steam everything or bake/ broil it. I dont use breading or anything like that; I never have. The issues happen when I’m out with my friends. Unless its sushi, I dont know how the food is being prepared, cant weigh the food, and I actually called around today and restaurants around here dont have nutritional info available. I dont buy junkfood either… but historically, when it’s free, I’ve been known to indulge… my work schedule made it impossible also. If I didnt cook, I didnt eat. Many days were 5am til 8pm, and a 24 hour shift at least 1x a month. I’d opportunistically eat what I could… working out wasnt exactly something I was able to make happen… at least not with my injuries. So that’s what my drama was. I. So happy we get an actual lunch break here. I haven’t had that since 2014.


Well I wake up early every morning and prepare both my husbands and my meals everyday. He had high cholesterol and triglycerides so I’ve adapted accordingly. I pack a cooler with all his meals…he works very far from home now. I make sure all his macros and micros are met. It also saves money and can eat at his desk. I make everything from sourdough bread, preserves, protein waffles, egg and veggie omelets. The kitchen is my lab. His blood work is sooooomuch better. Plus he feels better, too. Oh, and the money we save! Preprepared meals also keep him from cheating. I have the man eating carrots :rofl:


Have you read about guggul? I ran a test on myself with it. I had a zero risk factor on triglycerides ( heart disease screen) I supplemented guggul in the mornings for 5 weeks. I ran my bloodwork again and had a -5 (negative 5) on the screener. It.dropped my triglycerides levels big time… its also good for arthritis. Research it a bit let me know how you feel about it.


… and this…


Oh crap… so… I think I might have made a mistake, but I’m not sure. I need a response on this asap… the flame out. I’ve been taking one pill with each of my shakes totaling 4 pills throughout the day. The bottle says theres 4 pills in a serving… I just noticed I still have a fair amount left in bottle 1 & I’m more than half way done w/ V diet… Is this suggesting I take 4 pills with each shake, or 4 total in the day for 1 serving??? No way My supply would last the month … but. Help???


I wish I could help but I’ve never taken those or know zilch about them…I see you posted this awhile ago…




I started august 3rd.


Its 1 softgel per shake. I feel dumb now


I see that you figured it out. These supplements can be helpful, but make no mistake, the calorie deficit is doing most of the work. You weighed in at 154, yeah? That’s great progress.


I weighed 157 this morning… my body doesnt like to drop actual weight. I didnt eat for 9 days on liquid cleanse one time & I lost less than 2 lbs. I’m going to have to extend it to see actual weight loss or up the intensity. I took 10 years of gymnastics growing up. I’m 37. I trained HIIT + cardio most of my career & that’s what my body will respond best to, which sucks, but it can be fun. I’m looking at picking up with shortcut to shred.