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Weight Loss Advice

I thought I might lay out my diet/fitness plan and see if anyone had some helpful comments. I’ve read most of the articles on this site and I think I have a decent idea of what I should do. Of course, that doesn’t mean I look that great.

My Goals:

  1. Six Pack - I realize this is somewhat un-pc on this site, but to be honest this is my primary goal.
  2. Compete in an amateur/white collar boxing bout.


  1. My job - junior corporate lawyer. Long hours, high stress.
  2. Social Life - I like to drink. I’m also single which requires going out to avoid abstinence. This doesn’t help my training.
  3. My back - I have a jacked up back. Hurt it several times doing bjj and deadlifting. Really incapacitating injury. I’ve been to PT and I’m ready to start training hard again.

My plan:

  1. I’ve replace BJJ with boxing due to my back. Trying to go to a boxing gym 2-3 times a week. My gym also has a heavy bag/speed bag, so on my lifting days I warm up with shadow boxing/bag work.
  2. I try and go to yoga 1-2 times week to help my back.
  3. I’ve replaced weightlifting with body weight exercises. I have an A and a B workout, which I alternate three times a week. Focused on lunges, dips, pull ups, pushups, handstand push ups. My plan is build back a strong base of bodyweight exercises before returning to weights.
  4. Diet: I’m following the V-diet lite. 1 HSM a day. Try to stick to whiskey when I drink.


  1. I was 185 in December, 173 right now. 5’10". Goal is 165, which is the weight I’d like to box at. But I’d also like to lose my remaining gut.
  2. Still suck at boxing, but improving.

Any thoughts, ideas or encouragement would be welcome.

You already said it yourself, V-Diet. Stick to it.

But seriously, cut out the alcohol! What are you, 17?

if you’re going out with prospects of picking up ladies, excessive drinking usually doesn’t help, unless of course you’re looking to take down a swamp monster or two. a few whiskies here and there probably won’t derail you too much, provided you have everything else in order.

good luck

Obviously both of you are correct, I need to cut out (or at least minimize) the alcohol.

[quote]Dre the Hatchet wrote:
You already said it yourself, V-Diet. Stick to it.

But seriously, cut out the alcohol! What are you, 17?[/quote]

Hey Cut out the drinking, you don’t need to drink to talk to women… Pick up girls at the yoga class? I’m positive they are exponentially hotter and more limber :slight_smile: And that is just one idea, go to book stores, cafes, out for a run. Theres girls all over the damn place!

Fair enough. Is that you in the picture, pretty impressive.

To be honest, I also drink to relax after work. I’m going to do a 18 day non-drinking binge and see how that works.