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Weight Limit of York Barbells?

i have a 5 foot regular york bb and was wondering what the weight limit was, i cant find anything on the york website, but iv loaded it up to 200lbs and it seems to take it, though it has started to sightly bend (vry slightly), id rather it not break halfway through a set of squats

If it’s this ones, its 125Kg limit.

I have a similar bar, does anyone know how much it weighs? I have no idea.

It says on the page I linked to that it weighs 7.3KG, or you could just put it on a scale.

They’re usually 15lbs for the std 5ft bars.

oh sorry fgt to mention its a shitty HOLLOW beginers bar (present so not complaining) im going to use it till i can rep out 200 on the big movements then try and find a decent gym, before my bedroom floor breaks. but thnks for the quick replies