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Weight Lifting & Weight Gain


Hello everyone,

I’m a pretty strict dieter who eats low-carb low-sugar. Over the last few weeks I’ve been able to steadily increase my weights at the gym but have also been gaining weight steadily. I also recently got my boobs done so maybe that has something to do with it. Am I the only woman who has thrown out the scale and is focusing primarily on gym performance? I’m 5’10", 160. I’m doing 245 lbs on single leg lunges, 70 pounds arnold press and am squatting 155, curling 35 on each arm.


Welcome…weird no responses…just thought I’d say nope, I want my body armor, am a hard gainer so I eat like a hobbit. I don’t know anything about weight and boob jobs, but I do know lifting gives back what you put into it. Have a good day! Edit I’m a noob, low carb and wanting to have better better results at gym. Do you at least cycle your carbs… When looking at performance, I believe, carbs are important…



Yep, I trive on getting more weight on the bar. I too find gaining weight to be a challenge.


Thanks for the response ladies. Girlsgotguns what’re you lifting currently?


Currently, I am healing up. Doing zilch. Another life lesson. Playing contact sports can be dangerous…:cold_sweat:. How’s it going for you? Before getting hurt, I hadn’t stuck to a plan. image


I do stick to my cardiologist plan when under observation. I get hesitant about listing what I do. I suffer from acquired long qts and depending on how I’m doing, I get opportunities to do more if borderline or have to cut back if qtc looks bad. I have a Kardia (portable 2 lead ekg) which rocks. You’d think this disease would’ve put a cork in my efforts, but I am determined to do everything I can to be as healthy as I can to keep my numbers in check. Stupid things, like decongestants could end me up in the hospital. So, you can imagine, my home is germ free even my houndies water dish. I do everything I can to put health first. For instance I wanted to do the transformation challenge, but I know better. I can’t put myself in a situation where I might push too hard. I did that with cycling several months back. But as soon as I heal up, I’ll get back to lifting. I’m doing good right now, but I can’t take 99% of the supps out there. So, my guns are truly hard-earned.



I have also have done weights every 4-5 days doing farmer carries. But do you think in your opinion that farmer carriers can be beneficial if used the right weights and reps since we have 2/3rds less testes than your average man? Sorry if this sounds like an odd question and sounds quite dumb.


Someone already answered your question in another thread.

Farmers carries are beneficial to damn near everyone. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Man or woman. So what, we don’t have as much test as men do. Where we lack in testosterone and power output, we make up for in endurance and recovery better than men do.

Measure farmers carries in time and distance, not sets and reps.


Thanks hun. I only wanted to double check is all cause I remember hearing a bodybuilders say that you can do sets and reps as well. But if that is more beneficial, than thanks. I just wanted a second opinion so I can achieve my goals. And just pit of curiosity, what type of exercise do you do? Bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc. just outof plain curiosity is all cause I just dont like asking personal questions until the persons consent is all. But anyways. Thanks again! :blush:


I’m a power lifter. A lot of what I do is strength focused. Right now I’m just trying to become a lot more conditioned, and up my volume/work capacity. So I do a lot of submax stuff with higher volume, and stuff like rowing and swimming to work on cardiovascular stuff. OHP, Squat, Bench, Deadlift Variation, and a few Olympic lifts here and there (which I suck at), are the usual movements I stick to.


Cool. Thanks for that. :blush:


Hi, Jayne, great lifts for a natural!

Post photos, please!

Best regards!