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Weight Lifting/Nutrition Podcasts?

Wondering if any of you guys have a certain podcast you keep up with? I’m a powerlifter but am interested in pretty much anything that has to do with lifting and nutrition. Was thinking I could play some during workouts.

I like Blue Collar Muscle Radio. Shelby Starnes and John Meadows both host and talk about a variety of topics including nutrition, bodybuilding, and some powerlifting. They also tend to have some very educated and respected guests disuse various topics. It runs 1x a week usually.

I remember the csullinator talking about Goggins having one I may be mistaken though. Oh it was strength talk radio. Link to thread.

The Powercast…Mark Bell…need I say more

Mark Bell’s Powercast is a good one. Iron Radio is fantastic and has been going strong (hehe) for a very, very long time.

Danger and Play had a couple great podcasts about weightlifting bodybuilding PEDs etc…