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Weight Lifting Class...

I’m thinking about taking a weight lifting and conditioning class my university offers during the summer. But in order to fit in my schedule it has to be 8am to 9am monday thru friday for eight weeks (and I’ll have a 2-hour class right after). Do you guys think it’s kinda too early to work out that I might be worn out for the rest of the day, and is it also too frequent to be once a day for a starter? Or should I just wait until the fall semester begins when there’s only one session per week? Thanks.

Since its a class and not a workout it will only be as intense as you make it. I mean to say you should be focusing on learning technique especially in the beginning. If you already pretty good then there is no point in taking the class. Also I would find out who teaches the class I observed the weight training class here and the women that taught it was doing a terrible job, she was showing poor form and just didnt seem qualified to teach it. Good luck.

I take the weight lifting class at my college, but thats because I know the coach and he pretty much leaves me alone and lets me do whatever I want. I figure why not get credit for doing something I was going to do anyway.

nothing wrong with working out in th morning. I find myself refreshed for the day plus you know you’ve already worked out so you feel really good about yourself.
I also agree that you should research this class and find out if it is worthwhile. Can you get the syllabus ahead of time and post it here?

Only a college student would consider 8:00 as too early to do something. =) (that’s not meant as a jab - I was the exact same way until I became a working stiff)

I began working out first thing in the morning simply for convienience. For the first week or so it was tough - I felt sluggish during my workout and tired all day, but that went away and now I really enjoy it.

When I took weightlifting classes in school, the teachers were all fine with me doing my own thing as soon as they realized I knew what I was doing. Most of the people in those classes seem to not understand why it’s called a WORKout and the teachers were happy to have one less person to keep on task.

One thing you may want to consider though is whether or not you’ll have enough time to shower and clean up after your workout if you’ve got a class right afterwards. It’s tough to flirt with the cute girl at the desk next to you if you stink and are sweating all over your notes. =)

lol I too used to feel 8am was too early to do anything. Now I feel 4am is too early to do anything, since I wake at 5am lol

Thanks guys. I’m not entirely new to weights, having been lifting slackly for half a year, but I think it’s time to get serious. At least get my moves right.

Well, since none of you guys don’t think that 8am is too early, I guess there’s no reason for me to get intimidated. I’m usually more of an owl than a lark, but 8am shouldn’t be too demanding. As for time to clean up, I think I’ll just go to my next class smelling like an ape.

I’ll try to get the syllabus, and if I do, I’ll post it here. Thanks again.