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Weight Lifting and Injection Timing

I am currently on 60mg test cyp 2x/week, HCG 250mg 2x/week, and 0.5mg inhibitor 2x/week.

I currently do conditioning of my injection days, weight training on the day after my injections. Has anyone noticed or seen any studies of the effects of training in correlation to exercise timing? Is it better to lift heavy on the day of the injections, or does it really matter? I understand under normal circumstances, weight training increases free test and can increase serum test, but with us being supplemented and natural production shut down, does this have an effect on our choice of training days?

I am working on losing 70# of fat and gaining 20# of muscle over the next year or so, and want to train as optimally as possible in conjunction with being new to TRT.

I wouldn’t think about it too much at all. The hCG should help even things out – plus you were also injecting twice per week – which should give you a very steady state. In my opinion, I would not think the timing of your workouts related to your injections would have any effect at all.

Your T levels are very steady, so effects if they even exist are not there.

Thank you. This isn’t something I’ve heard brought up, figured it was worth asking,