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Weight Lifted In Single Leg Squat


Can anyone tell me roughly what % of bodyweight is lifted in a single leg squat? I know for a regular squat it is between 85-90%


Don't know, but I did a one legged OHS with the bar for each leg 2 days ago!


For a regular squat you can lift way more than bodyweight. You don't need a percentage for one leg squat or regular squat, just lift as much as you can.


Thanks, but basically what I'm asking is for say a 200lb squat you are also lifting approx. 85% of your bodyweight, so in actuality if you weigh 200lbs you are lifting 370lbs. What i'm asking is for a single leg squat if you were using like 2 80lb dumbells in addition to your bodyweight, how much of your bodyweight are you also lifting? I don't think its 85% and I thought someone on here might know the answer.


I bulgarian squatted 315 for 5 reps yesterday (new pr) today my hip flexors HURRT


That's percentage sounds a little high for a regular squat. I think Poliquin says when you squat with no added weight you are lifting about 70% of BW. Maybe 85% is closer to what you'd be lifting one-legged?

Why are you wondering?


whats a bulgarian squat??


Damn! That's a nice lift!



A Bulgarian squat is basically a weighted lunge where you stand in front of a bench and put one leg up on the bench and lower yourself on the other leg. It works your quads pretty good if you use enough weight!



I too have seen 85% given as the number for 2-legged squats. Based on this, I would estimate somewhere in the neighborhood of 92.5% (if 2 tibias = 15% then one = 7.5%?) for a pistol. If you are doing Bulgarian split squats (or HF split squats), then it would be different. I believe DB might've addressed this in one of the old Q&A's but honestly I don't feel like looking it up right now. If you are asking for the number for HF/Bulgarian split squats I would estimate between 75-80% but would be happy to dig through and look it up. I assume you are trying to get AW percentages?



Yeah, I was referring to Bulgarians and I was trying to get AW percentages. Thanks for the input, and if you can confirm the % I would appreciate it.



I was back squatting 315 for 10x3 the other day and was pretty pumped about it...until now.


i did one set, when i was fresh lol it was definitely a max...

there's no possible way i could 10x3 with that much weight so good job I'm fucking impressed


i s. l. squat ,wide split,back leg on a bench, 275lbs x 25