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Weight is a hiker's & TnT's enemy

Exactly right. @wanna_be a small tarp and emergency blanket are a great idea.

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Today I bought: new shoes, didn’t like the others and these have an awesome return policy (rei), space blanket, water purifying tablets, and a signal mirror. Tomorrow I’ll grab some tape and a headlamp and batteries for a small flashlight I’m bringing. Still gotta look into the TSA rules on things that create fire as I’m not checking a bag. Gonna grab some small rope/para cord as well at some point. REI was stupid expensive on that stuff. Also gonna snag a small iPhone tripod that folds really small to hopefully get some decent photos.

Should be getting close to everything I need which is good considering I’m leaving at 5am Thursday morning lol. Leg day is Wednesday, think I’ll take it easy :joy:.

Also been wondering if a small monocular would be worth purchasing.

This is a short list of some snack ideas I’ll get once I get there:

Protein bar
Banana peanut butter Sammy

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I personally prefer binocular for watching wild life. I find monocular are great for spoting land mark but not my favorit for observation. Ask to try them out at the shop. Don’t go cheap, they last a long time.
Magnification of 8 to 12 is good. Larger then to create a lot of movements if you don’t use a tripod.
42 is the largest I like to carry but the larger the lense the more light get in so better for low light times.
I have Nikon prostsff 8x42. I would have like a notch better like the monarch but that was out of my price range.


9/13/21, Monday

Road-trail ruck

  • 1:12:29, 4.04 mi, 821 ft ascent/ descent, 29.0 lb pack weight
  • Mid hikers and Thorlo hot weather crew socks.

My leg ached the first .25 mi but felt increasingly better throughout the ruck. 29 pounds is a good weight for now; I’ll next increase distance to 6 miles once a week, then increase pack weight. The goal is a 12 or 15-mile ruck with a 35+ pound pack; I haven’t decided the specific weight, distance, and time I’m aiming for.


Weekly weigh-in

  • 9/14/21, 198.2 pounds.

Last week, I dropped the 0.4 pounds I’d gained two weeks ago. I had let my diet and exercising slip, but last week I made somewhat better choices - five cardio/trail days and one solid deadlifting session, along with less junk food.

I misread the ortho appointment date and missed the appointment. Now, the earliest I can get in is November, so I probably won’t do upper body workouts for another couple-few months. Doggone it. I plan to do two lower body sessions each week, based on squats and deadlifts, and have at least three trail sessions and will hopefully see 197.X at next week’s weigh-in.

9/15/21, Wednesday

Trail walk

  • 34:40, 2.02 mi, 508 ft ascent/ descent
    Tired today. A mellow recovery walk hit the spot.