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Weight Increase Myth?


You here all these people saying "(insert name) put on 15Kg on 1ml of sust 250 EW for 10 weeks" and other stuff like that which just does not seem plausible. Now I am in no way a Expert on this sort of thing but what is the most SOLID weight you have ever seen put on in 1 cycle?

I am just wondering because I am only 2 weeks into a 8 week cycle of Test an Oxandrolone and I am throwing weight on like its going out of fashion and dropping BF (yes even with stuff usually not used to gain huge amounts of mass). Is it really possible to put on 10Kg of solid mass in a single cycle?


Without a long discussion in a subject of which i have much opinion and thus a great deal to say..


As per the first question - which admittedly i should have answered.... first.

I don't remember how many cycles i have run or what the results were from each, but this last run lasted 6 weeks and was using a dose which was at the highest level 1050mg/wk total AAS and i gained 15lbs of which i know i will keep all of it (because i have done it before and know these things).

I would say that as an estimate the absolute most of fat that accompanied that will have been 5lbs (1/3rd) and that was because i was eating like someone who honestly doesn't get to say they care about how they look, and i honestly deserve every damn lb of fat added.

I do not enter a cycle expecting anything over 5lbs of actual muscle, and i truly consider that an achievement because really, it IS an achievement especially considering what is involved in 5lbs of muscle gain for a (truly) natural person.

With regards to you - do you eat cleaner on cycle? Train harder? More frequently? Avoid alcohol? Stop sniffing cocaine?
Many times much of the gain is due to these factors as well as the effect of the steroid themselves.



I am eating better and training more. That is about it, I never drink anyway and I only ever did cocaine when I was out with some of the Modelling people. I am just saying because so far I am in week 2 and have added about 4-5lb and that is not taking into account my loss of fat (probably about a lb, I dont have much of it to loose in the first place). I have only ever ran 1 other proper cycle before (I did use AAS previously in smaller doses to see how my body reacted) which maybe a good reason for the large gains. I will post the full results later on but it is looking really good.


Eating better and training more - and thats it?

I think that is really all you need isnt it? lol!


What you are saying Brook is both reassuring and a kind of relief to me. As you have followed, my cycle has been successful thus far, and I would be delighted if I were to maintain 75% of my gains. I have followed an almost impeccable diet, along with an insane intense workout regimen. I honestly think that I would have gained a good deal without AAS, but the AAS and proper diet, workouts, no alcohol, etc. have just intensified it. I plan to continue in this fashion during PCT in hopes that most of my gains are keepable. I honestly believe that I will keep most of the gains, b/c my fat gain has been very minimal, which is kind of a shock to me, but I suppose expected since my diet is cleaner than Mr. Clean's bald head.

Instead of continuing rambling, I really think that a lot of AAS users condone what consistency and a great diet can do for you.


I ran a 12 week cycle over the summer with the last poke august 28th.I started at 220 and at my heaviest was 238.its been about a month and im staying between 229-232 almost 10 lbs I have kept.Im very happy with that.