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Weight Gaining Supplements

I’m curious if you guys use weight gaining supplements when you’re planning to bulk. Why or why not?

Weight gaining supplement= Any food or drink item with extra calories, carbs, fats, and protein. When you are bulking you want all of the above in extra amounts as opposed to maintenance or obviously when cutting.

Many supplements of old just threw some cheap protein together with a lot of simple sugars which did give a high amount of calories.

A quality ‘weight gaining supplement’ would be Metabolic Drive Complete made in milk and then add whatever else floats your boat to boost caloric or carb fat content. With this you are getting high quality proteins and other nutrients and you can’t beat the taste.


You mean like bagels and pnut butter? pop tarts?? by weight gaining supplements you mean fruit loops right? ;o)

Ask Dr. Berardi about the weight gain powder he drank a gallon of each day of his bulk.


[quote]jamez wrote:
I’m curious if you guys use weight gaining supplements when you’re planning to bulk. Why or why not?[/quote]

Most people round here just recommend eating a truckload of food. It really isn’t THAT hard to eat what you need to get the calories in, especially when you are drinking milk, eating peanut butter, and eating nice cuts of meat.

So, No… I don’t take weight gainer supps. Why not? Well, the main ingredient is usually Maltodextrix (High GI sugar) and I’d rather get my cals from “better” sources than straight sugar. Not to mention they use the cheapest protein available most of the time.

Yea. Its white with black spots and goes “Moo” all the time.

Get ready for this, Lots, and Lots of fooooood!

As much as everyone likes to bash weightgainers for whatever reason…people have failed to see the improvements made on these shakes recently.

Take cytogainer for instance…their protein profile really isnt bad at all. And the 70 some odd grams of carbs in it are all complex carbohydrates. There is very little sugar…if at all.

Its like 54g of whey protein…although I dont think its all whey isolate…but im pretty sure there is a good amount. Also there is Procomplex Gainer by ON…thats also respectable.

Very little sugar…if any at all…all complex carbs…and alot of high quality whey protein. I dont see the problem with this lol? Although there are few…they do exist…there are good weight gainer shakes.

The funny thing with weight gainers, is that they contain all those calories and all that protein/carbs and whatever else…but you have to use like 4 big ass scoops.

2 cups whole milk = 260 cals
3 scoops whey = 300 - 360 cals

There PLENTY of cals right there and you can use a fairly inexpensive whey protein to make it cheap. Add in some Peanut Butter and KABLAMO, another 250 cals.

you definately are right about the big ass scoops…im just trying to say that it isnt really BAD to use weightgainers like the ones i mentioned…with complex carbs and such.

Cytogainer is actually pretty good stuff. 84 grams of complex carbs and 54 grams of protein mostly from whey,egg,milk and casein. It is 4 scoops but with water it’s still 650 cals. With milk it’s over 1000. True-Mass by BSN is another good one but they are for people with more money than time. I easily make 50 lbs of quality weight gainer for what you pay for 6 lbs of Cytogainer.

CarboGain + whey and cottage cheese = Cheap and very effective.

Still I only use these concoctions pwo. It’s just more fun to eat lots of quality foods.

im finishing up a bulk and cytogainer has worked great for me. just one whole serving 30-45min after post Surge. everybody wants to be swoll


Healthy fats are a cheap and easy way to get some extra calories during a bulker. A gallon of olive oil is pretty cheap. Combine that with Metabolic drive complete and you will be golden.