Weight Gainers

I’m home for three more days, and I’ve decided to pick up a weight gainer. It’s much more cost-effective for me, and will help me cram in some much needed carbs after weightlifting or judo practice. The 18 credit hours I’m taking right now (with organic chemistry thrown in, ugh) isn’t helping.

The other reason I was thinking of a weight gainer is just that my fridge only has so much room in it. Besides, the bread that I buy, if not refrigerated, gets real moldy after a week. Oats for half of my meals gets a little old, and I would rather just drink a shake with carbs in it and get back to studying.

Does anybody have a recommendation? I’ve been perusing the Vitamin Shoppe nearby and trying to find products with egg protein, micellar casein, or caseinate. Also, I probably won’t take four scoops at once, more like 1-2. Anyways, do these seem worthwhile?