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Weight Gainers?


Does anybody have any advice on weightgain powders? I am having trouble getting enough calories per day. Thanks.


I dont have much experience with them but the ones i tried from GNC were basicually big tubs of sugar. If you are bulking and dont mind putting on some extra flab then give them a shot. You should really try hard to get your calories and protein from good sources like lean meats and eggs though first. Those shakes always left me feeling bloated as well, not sure if thats a real common side effect though


Thanks, I have been trying to bulk for a while now but have actually lost weight. Which ones from GNC did you use? The GNC near me has an 1850 and a 2200...i think. They also have a muscletec and some other one.


Why pay so much for sugar and low quality protein? That's what most weight gainers are. Get some Classic Grow! from this site and mix it with milk and natural peanut butter. Think quality over empty calories.


Good advice but I also have to think about cost. Would it be a waste of money to use a weightgainer? I'll have to look at the nutritional facts on Grow!


Grow! is obviously better quality, and if money wasnt an issue id definetly recommned that, they taste great and have high quality protien. I blelieve it was the 1850 one you are talking about but im not positive. But if you really cant get the food in you are going to need to get calories from somewhere or else you wont be able to make the kind of gains in size im assuming you are hoping for


I will second Classic Grow!, with 2% or whole milk, and peanut butter. Can also add ice cream, ghram crackers, honey, fruit, or pretty much anything. If you want pure calories and something that tastes good, muscle milk is very good, but is it also very expensive. Stick with the Grow!.



Good weight gainer

100gms of Low-Carb Grow!
3 cups of oats
60ml of olive oil
1 cup yogurt
1 cup water

plus Surge and 10gms creatine after workouts


N-Large II, search for it and buy a 10 pound bucket or two. I've gone through four 10 lb. buckets in the last year and have gone from barely 175 to 190 during that time. I think I remember Brad Cardoza recommending it too.


Milk. Drink a shitload of it - If you really have a true problem getting calories, drink less water and more milk. 2 Litres of lowfat is about a 1000 calories and quite probably better for you then most of those weight gainers. Oh as an added bonus its like $2 for a 3 litre jug.


Try nuts. Peanuts are cheap.

Or have a few shots of olive-oil per day thats a easy way to add lots of calories to your diet.


If you really wanna save money, I would drink a few pints of chocolate milk a day.


Here is the true way to gain weight skinny man: Steaks,whole milk,eggs,cheese,pasta. Eat real food man!! Lmao.


An avocado a day won't hurt either- 270 calories each. Pasta is a big calorie adder as are baked potatoes, almonds, oats, tempeh, chick peas, lentils, kidney beans, and bulgor.


Don't waste your money on a weight gainer unless you want to be a fat tub of goo.

And if you want to gain, try adding 200-500 calories per day rather than a 1,000+ calorie sugar-laden weight gainer that will give you more gas, abdominal bloating and GI distress than your grandmother.


Concentrate on getting everything you can from food first and fill in the gaps Classic Grow! MRP and Metabolic Drive Protein Bars.


I dont get whats so funny?

Anyway, 2% milk has a decent amount of calories. Drink a carton a day. I've put on 20 lbs in 4 months by more or less adding alot of milk to my diet.


Try Universal's Real Gains....PM for more info.