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Weight Gainers?

What are your thoughts on using weight gainers to get your daily calories? Are they effective? Any cons to using them?


What are your thoughts on using the search function to get your information? Is it effective? Any cons to using it?

Seriously, I can’t count how many times this topic has come up in the last month.

Yes search is great.

To answer Largely they are overpriced cheap sources of protien with LOTS of cheap worthless carbs and fats.

Youd be better off using Grow! add oats nuts fruit etc fotr a weight gainer. Grow! and Real food better for you all the way around.

I think they are worthless and are a bunch of garbage thrown into a powder…

I would just eat more whole food and take whey protein shakes instead.

The weight gainers are pretty expensive too, only 10-15 servings per $40 container. About $2-3 per serving which is ridiclous.

Just a bunch of carbohydrates and little protein.

Eh guess it depends on the gainer you use. Seen some good ones, but i do agree that most are fairly expensive for the amount of servings you get. But then again that also depends on where you get them hehehe.

[quote]mike88nf wrote:
What are your thoughts on using weight gainers to get your daily calories? Are they effective? Any cons to using them?[/quote]

first off, I don’t recommend weight-gainer powders…food should be your number one priority…then a quality protein powder comes in a far distant second place…

if you’re hell bent on using a weight-gainer powder do yourself a favor…buy a quality protein powder like Grow! and then dump a bunch of dirt cheap sugar into it…you’ll save yourself a bundle $$ and it’ll be even better than 99% of the weight-gain powders on the market…

I’m trying this weight gain drink at the moment I’m trying to get to 90kgs currently 87kgs.

1 Cup Milk
1 Cup Coconut milk
1 Cup yougurt

2 Cups of Oatmeal uncooked
10 Tablesppoons of olive or flax oil
7 Scoops of max’s rapid weight gainer.

Has 2000 calories, I drink it throughout
the day
Its easy and tastes good.

Plus i have 4 whole food meals.

IMO it’s not a bad idea to supplement extra calories in between meals. A weight gainer shake will help put on more calories if that’s what you’re looking for. But don’t think that using a high calorie weight gainer and not eating right will do the trick. You need to continue eating 5-6 small meals a day and throw in maybe 3 shakes throughout the day between meals. That’s my 2 cents