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Weight Gainers

I was at GNC the other day and saw a weight gain called Muscle Juice and it has like 1000 something calores. I think maybe 1300? Anyways anyone ever use these weight gain products and are they good?..Also is it a good post-workout drink? Cause I’d only take it once a day, for a few weeks until I reached the weight I want.


Read the ingredients. Is the number one ingredient (a) sugar or (b) some form of corn syrup? If so, pass it up.

Most of these are crap, filled with useless calories.

Most are gargabe bro. Save the money and opt for a better protein powders and add your own ingredients.

Sounds good lol.


Dl, eat lots of food. That’s the best weight gainer. Combine it with a good basic protein powder like Low-Carb Grow! to add extra quality protein calories, as needed. Use Surge for pre/during/post-workout.

One of the easiest ways to make any quality protein powder into a “weight gainer” is to blend in natural peanut butter. Mixing it with milk, a banana, or even some heavy cream like the old schoolers did can work too.

But the other readers were correct: most commercial weight gainers are just poor quality protein and sugar in extra large servings.

Run a search for the old “Shake It Up” articles on this site. One of them has a weight gainer recipe.

hey Dl

so here’s the deal. i looked for the best weight gainer for a while (one w/ a good calerie/protein ratio) good blend of protein, not too much added sugar) I came down to 2 ideal proteins.

-EAS Mass Factor Dietary Supplement, Chocolate

-ProPeptide MBF

I also mix peanut butter, flax seed oil, and oats in every shake. tastes great, and is an ideal amount of caleries, and protein. Hope this helped.