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How is this product muscle milk ? Can it help you put on weight, i weigh 120 and im looking to put on weight, what is the best product for me to put on weight. i know eating alot will do me good but what is a good suplement to go with it too?


This thread is from earlier this week, with a similar question:

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I've been using the Cyto-gainer from the same company that makes muscle milk (it has 56g of protein and 80g of carbs, 640 calories in water, muscle milk is all protein and fat).

I use it for 2 out of my six meals, I drink one when I wake up, about an hour and a half before I can eat breakfast (3 whole hard boiled) eggs + oatmeal. I am steadily gaining weight (started at 150 at 5' 6", now at 165).

But yes, you need to eat lots of food, just the gainer alone won't help. Other downside is that the gainer is fairly pricey, don't know what your budget is.


how much money is this weight gainer that you use and also how long did it take you to get from 150lbs to 165?


It's $30 a package retail, you could probably find some sort of deals. Each package contains about 10 servings (the full 4 scoop 640 calorie serving), so I am spending about $6 a day, or $180 a month.

As for weight, I had been hovering around 150 for about a year (started at 130 2 years ag, and gains started lowing) until I started force feeding myself about 2 months ago and taking the gainer. Some fat, some muscle, more muscle than fat :).


Weights work pretty well.

Especially the heavy kind.


The key is in the ingredients.Muscle Milk is more of MRP much like(but not as good as) Low-Carb Grow!. I dunno as a FFB I've never seen much use in alot of the gainers out there.For the ingredients I've seen ya might as well just get a big jug of chocolate milk and mix it with a little whey. Plus with all the sugar and such in them,most of them aren't what I would consider to be clean.


Simply because it holds the title of "weight gainer" does not mean it is filled with sugar. Muscle Milk is a good product. It isn't just filled with sugar. The total caloric content of one serving in only about 500cals when added to whole milk. There isn't anything wrong with it.

At 120lbs, this kid needs as much food intake as possible and I hope no one is going to tell him that he should only eat "clean foods" as if weighing 120lbs will be harmed by loosening his diet a little.


dude i know im new to lifting but if its one thing i know its how to gain weight i was a steady 90lb for the past 3 years, everyone told me to eat eat and eat i was like w/e but then one day i just looked in the mirror standing 5'7" 95lb at 16 years old and felt bad so i started eating 6-8 means the next day 3 months later i weighed myself and i was 130 5'8" 17 ... i started in and gained 35lb

im still scrwney but the point is if you truly really wanna gain weight just eat you dont need suplements of anykind ... takin pills or powders doent to the work for you just help put a lil ....and the muscle milk .. well it not so great it ok for a light meal replacement and a lil advice DONT GET VANILLA .. tastes like milk with glue and sugar ... dont ask how i know lol .... hope this help ...


just to let you know im still gainin around 1 lb evrery week or so


This is directed to the thread, I just used ProfX's post as he seemed to be the only other person here familiar with the product. I love MM personally, but let's not get it confused with a "weight gainer" to begin with. It is a milk protein, which like Grow! means it has both whey and cassein (the easy version).

In fact, it is so much not a "weight gainer" it says right on the label 'burn fat, don't store it' and 'nature's lean muscle builder'.


Ohh I agree one hundred percent,I wasn't implying or at least trying to imply if thats the way it came off that he should only eat clean foods,I've just seen alot of skinny kids thinking this stuff is an end all,be all, when in reality its got like 80 grams of sugar.

Not all of them do I would just caution him to watch what he buys and to try to make sure most of his calories come from good food sources.


Ah! How is that possible?! At least you did something about it though. Good job with the gains so far! Keep going...


my theory is anything is possible if you want it bad enough , i was ashamed at my image and i started eating alot the day i really realized how bad i was , i didnt know to wat to eat so i just ate w/e we had healthy food , junk food anything , no speacial foods or anything just w/e was available , i remember wakin up like 1 or 2 am and felt a lil hungry if i couldnt find anything in the fridge i went to the mcdonalds , which is 24 hours where i am , i mean i didnt even think bout liftin i just wanted sum weight and i got it today i weighed 133lb im still eating more but since i came to T-Nation im eating healthier....

The main point im tryin to make is dude EAT , AND EAT till it hurts , i know everyone says it and thats only cazz it freakin works lol g/l with gainin ...