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Weight gainers

Is there any place for a weightgainer on a growth phase? my goal is 4 solid meals a day and 2 moderately sized gainer shakes to total my 6. i slim down the serving to give me about 42P 70C 5F if taken in water and I add a tbsp of flax to it. It should be ok right? No one really uses gainers anymore.

T-mag has addressed this several times before. Basically, weight gainer products suck, which is why you don’t see them anymore, expect for a few Weider leftovers at GNC. Most are just sugar mixed with low quality protein. They will help you increase your calories if that’s your problem but you usually just add fat and not much muscle.

A better choice for you is an MRP (meal replacement powder/product). Most on the market these days are very good, just get one from a good company like EAS, Biotest, or Twinlab. The first thing you need to do is keep a food log and figure how many calories you need per day to maintain your current weight. Then add a couple of hundred calories to that number until you’re putting on a pound a week or so. (And I’m assuming you’ll be lifting weights, of course.) If you’re having a tough time meeting caloric goals, add natural peanut butter to your shakes or a couple of spoonfuls of heavy whipping cream. Mixing them with milk will also bump up the cals.

Lastly, this sounds stupid, but I swear a see it everyday: if you’re trying to gain weight and are having a hard time doing so because you have a fast metabolism, then don’t take fat burners and do cardio! This is as silly as a fat woman walking on a treadmill and eating a Hershey bar. Good luck, Chris, and be sure to read our “Diet Manifesto” article for more info and some suggested diets.