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weight gainers

I am beginning the massive eating and mag-10 growth surge project on monday.
My calculated caloric requirements are approx. 5100/day during growth surge phase. For the sake of simplicity for a complex daily schedule of work/school and working out, I was wondering why weight gainers are not recomended as a calorie/carb booster. If are start using those at least once a day (650 cal) by the end of this will I look like Drew Carry, assuming the rest of my structured meals are reasonable.

Weight gainers are too high in carbs. The carbs are basically from sugar and the protein is low-quality and many have too much fat. All in all, they are a low-quality product that will mainly contribute to fat gain.

Do what JB recommends for those trying to gain mass. Follow the Massive Eating protocols. Eat plenty of whole foods and natural sources (raw nuts, peanut butter, potatoes, rice, pasta, other veggies, lean meats, eggs, dairy products, protein powders, etc.).

Also, use Surge or Relentless for post-workout. But as JB recommends, add Gatorade or another carb powder to your post-workout shakes to up the calories. He talked about this in the last printed version of T-mag.

weight gainers are crap. Poor quality ingredients - mainly a lot of sugar for the carbs - and inferiror protein. You are better off making your own weight gainer. What I use when i bulk up is Choc. Grow w/ 2 table spoons of natural peanut butter and oatmeal all blended up. Its simple, it works, it has complex carbs, good fats, and protein.
Every calorie is not the same. For example eating a 1000 calorie meal of all carbs won’t have the same effect as eating the same meal with carbs/protein/and fats. Also the type of carbs, proteins and fats play a major role too. Stick to complex carbs as much as you can except for a post workout shake where you want to spike your insulin. This is the only time i could see where certain weight gainers could be used.

Let’s get a few things straight:

  1. Most likely. you are not any busier than me or most people who eat big on this forum.

  2. Weight gainers sucked when they first came out, suck now, and will always suck. They are loaded w/ sugar, corn syrup, fructose, all carbs that suck.

  3. Some weight gain formulas contain dextrose and maltodextrin causing an even larger insulin spike, and if you consume the drink often, you’ll get fat.

  4. Weight gainers wreak havoc on your intestinal digestive system. If you like farting all day long then it’s highly recommended.

Bottom line: We all have hectice schedules. I work, go to school, married, have a 22 month old son, workout 2x/day most days, etc. I’m sure many are just as busy as me. But you have to prepare meals in advance and learn that food is the ultimate anabolic substance and the best routine you can do is “fork to mouth”. If you insist on adding liquid calories, which I do as well, go with a solid protein supplement. There are plenty of high calorie MRP’s that do NOT have crap carbs & protein.

T-mag has some recipes for healthy weight gainers. See the “Shake it Up” article in previous issues.

Nobody mentioned Grow! which is the ultimate MRP (as far as I’m concerned). SURGE IS THE BOMB!

I have been trying to hit 5000 cals aday for 3 days. What a pain in the ass. Keepin your meals in P/C and P/F. Wow I never new it was this hard.
I’ve been blinded by science. Bastards

Hard? Eating that much is downright fun! It’s an enjoyable activity to constantly push the envelope of both training and nutrition.

As mentioned, the carb sources are often inferior in weight-gain powders. What has not been mentioned is the protein content. I spend very minute amounts of time reading the ingredients labels of these types of foods, but I wouldn’t hesitate to imagine that most are laden with inferior proteins also! If you’re getting something with mostly whey concentrate, that’s a horrible meal replacement, let alone weight gainer.

I strongly suggest you take a look at the thread that Patman started in the DPG (i.e. Dog Pound) relating to his bulking plan. Brent, Machine and I offered some advice for packing in some massive kcals in the post-workout period.

Thanx Timbo. Just read it that is the kind of info I need.