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Weight Gainers


ive tried quite a few differant gainers in my 10 years of training.
ABB's XXL: tasted like pure coco and it called for 4 scoops, pretty typical BUT the scoops were the size of laundry detergant scoops! 5 lbs was 15 or 16 servings...
muscle juice: gave me the worst gut rot/cramping ever
mammoth 2500*first one i actually liked, besides needing a paint shaker to mix it*
and ive really liked PVL's mutant mass. mixes great, great price, and tastes awesome.

but what ive been wanting is a good gainer that isnt just loaded with 150 grams of sugar and junky carbs. i used to just put raw oats in a blender, shred them into a fine powder and add how ever much protein i wanted, some flax or olive oil, peanut butter, banana what ever i felt like throwing in. but i found the oats swelled up in a hurry and all in all it was kinda nasty, especially the texture.

MHP has up your mass, and from everything ive read and heard it sounds pretty awesome and exactly what im looking for.

i was wondering if any of you guys and gals have had any experience with a variety of gainers, and primarilly this MHP gainer and how you'd rank them for flavor, easy mixing, and how much it effected your guts.


Here is my favorite weight gainer. It's cheap, healthy, taste great, and very easily modified to fit your muscle building caloric needs.

1/2 cup oats
75 grams protein powder
5 tbs peanut butter
2 bananas
3 cups whole milk (or however much you need to make it. For added awesomeness use chocolate milk)
1 cup extra light tasting olive oil (MAKE SURE ITS EXTRA LIGHT!!!!!)


3,557 calories 119 grams protein.

You will not taste the olive oil if it is light tasting otherwise, you'll die. I wouldn't waste my money on a pre-made weight gainer personally.

Food+blender=awesome weight gainer.


^^^ that sounds pretty awesome, I'm going to try that tonight


Thats fucking insane!
Any kids who complain that they can't put on some mass should listen up.

Out of curiosity how many shakers/containers does that take up?


It takes up one blender. Which is about 32 oz in my case.

I use this after EVERY workout.

It helped me go from 180 to 245 in a year and a half with a fast ass metabolism.


Got any blender recommendations for that monster?


I use this one:

Also the order of your ingredients matters so it blends nicely.

Put olive oil and pb first. Then oats, and a little bit of milk, then protein powder, little bit of milk, then bananas then rest of milk. It just mixes better that way.

Sometimes if I'm being a real fat ass I'll put straight butter (Irish butter) in it along with honey, chocolate milk, and some quinoa flour.

This is good if you're feeling really run down and sore from all of your training. I drink that (it's around 5,000 calories) and take a bath with Epsom salt. Feel great in the morning!


Lol..who the fuck needs this many calories in one liquid meal??? Seriously...is EVERYONE on this site the most ectomorphic person in the world?


Yeah I just tried that at half the serving size, noticed it didn't want to mix well the first time. Pretty damn tasty though. Thanks for the blender tip too.


Not sure if anybody has seen this one but pretty funny...




that sounds like a awesome weight gainer but i thought PWO was supposed to have lots of carbs and protein and minimal fat cause it slow absorption.

or i guess it doesnt matter if all you wanna put on is some solid ass weight


I use it as my post workout "meal". I usually have a shake before with fast digesting carbs and protein right after training.


gotcha, what carb source you use. Im using bananas and oats right now but would rather get some fsster stuff. you think powdered stuff like waxy maize is the way to go or is there a whole food with very fast digesting carbs that im not thinking of.



People who are 6'5 245 with a humming bird metabolism and work outside doing a very physical job while training after. Also the medication I take destroys your appetite.


LOL...truth be told, I was getting up to 4,000cals from a weight gainer last year a day. I doubt I will do that again, but I am laughing at the people who think this is unheard of.

I have heard way crazier shit from way bigger people.

Sometimes, depending on what the goal is, it is all about holding a certain weight by any means necessary.

I personally think no one should touch a weight gainer unless they have a very fast metabolism. If you can drop 20lbs with no cardio just by cutting out junk food, you can probably get away with it.

Otherwise, stay away from weight gainers.

I used one because I had no appetite during that time and my work schedule was ridiculous last year. My goal was to hold a specific body weight long enough to solidify gains made. I did that.

I also gained body fat...but I also lost it so no big deal.


Just an addition...my current stance is that I will probably never touch another weight gainer and am sure most people can find better alternatives.

But sometimes, you have to do what you have to do.


I envy you....I starve on a fucking bulk man.


I have personally done this. When i went from 165lb to 181lb for a powerlifting meet in 2009...I drank a shake very similar to this..Sure I gained the weight..looking at pictures though, a lot was in my gut. Never again.


sooooooo, no experience with MHP up your mass shakes? anyone?