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Weight Gainers in Place of Meals?

Since this is my first post I might as well start it off by saying hello to all. I Have enjoyed all the great info here on T-Nation.

As for my post, I was just woundering what some of your thoughts were on meal replacements with protein/weight gainer shakes?
Im a single dad of 3 kids and dont have a whole lot of time to eat and I never have been a big eater. I dont mind drinking 3 shakes a day, plus 3 regular meals. wich gives me approx:4500/5000 cals a day,
Im drinking shakes that consist of the following,

Per Shake
With 2% Milk
50 grams Protein
980 Calories
123g carbs

Im a small guy and always have been, I just been trying to put on some lean muscle and dont always have the time to make big healthy meals 5-6-7 times a day and count cals and carbs etc.

Any thoughts?
Thanks Grapdawg,

Can i ask what your shakes are composed of? Recipes?

My only opinion is that every shake should have some fibre in it. It fills you up which can be a problem gaining weight (atleast for me), but its good if your using sugary stuff… slows its absorption down…

Just my thoughts… =)

New guy here.

I have been contemplating the same idea for the past week or so. Just chiming in wondering what the pros v cons would be.

You need to eat.

I’d ditch the 2% and add some whole milk, maybe even some heavy cream. Also try throwing some frozen fruit and oatmeal in there.

Thanks for your thoughts, The powder im using is called MASS XXX. It is, as follows.

(Per Shake)
66 grams of protein and 146 grams of carbohydrates when mixed with 2% milk
Includes a Blend of Fatty Acids and Medium Chain Triglycerides for Energy
Key Amino Acids. etc. etc to much to list.
980 Calories with 2% milk 130 from fat
20g sugar
0% fiber

I usually drink 2-3 shakes per day. I eat three to four meals a day which
include PBJ’s, Tuna sandwiches, Chicken, Yoguart, Granola bars, Oatmeal, Eggs, Cereal, Carrots,
“Grape Tomatoes”, Strawberries, Grapes.
Plus One Daily Supplement, One 1200mg fish oil Supp.

Im trying to stay at or above 4200 cals a day. Anyway, thanks for all the input…

Bro if you want to make mad gains, screw weight gainers… from what I know they have too much sugar although I haven’t seen one recently.

Just chug whole milk. Add BCAA pills as required.

If you wanna be in better health too, get lactose free Organic Milk.

And if you wanna be uber healthy and big to boot, grab some raw milk.

[quote]Irish Muscle wrote:
also make sure you completly ignore this post.

OP, thats a great idea, ive made the best gains while taking weight gainers and im also naturally a small guy.

small bone structure as well, i only have 6 inch wrists.

3 good meals a day with enough protein and carbs, and then 3 weight gainers in between. gauge your tolerance by the mirror, if you put on too much fat, cut it down to two weight gainers and a pure whey protein shake late at night.

all in all i dont think this deserves too much thought, and you dont have to be exact when trying to bulk up, use the mirror.

good luck

if you want to gain weight without becoming insulin reseitant dont ignore his post. too much simple sugars in every weight gainer i have seen…

Thanks for the feedback.
I’m not sure what healthy levels of sugar are daily? This powder has 20g sugar per serving. I’m sure there are other forms of sugars in there. 20g is the same amount of sugar that is in a cup of some yogurt’s.

I think I will start drinking them with whole milk and only consume 1 or 2 a day depending on my needs. I do believe they work, I have been drinking them daily for about a month and have gained 3-5#s. Anyway thanks again, I think ill do some sugars research…