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Weight Gainers & Estrogen

Some steroids are for bulking, and some are for cutting. For example dbol will add muscle mass and fat quickly, whereas tren will tend to cause an increase in strength.

My question is, if estrogen is kept low-normal, are bulking drugs still just for bulking? Is it possible to cut on dbol if estrogen is kept low, or will tren always be a better choice for leaning out?

Diet determines how your body composition changes, not steroids.

Well yeah, but having high estrogen can make it harder to go from 10% bodyfat to 5%. Taking tren can make it easier. I’m wondering if dbol could be used as a cutting steroid if it’s taken with AIs or if cutting would be easier with something like winstrol.

I’m trying to maintain muscle mass, so I don’t want to eat less than maintenance.

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I agree with BBB, read more and type less or someone will start using the ‘repot post’ button.

I just asked for your opinions as to whether dbol and other traditionally ‘bulking’ steroids can be as good for cutting as winstrol, tren etc. when used with an AI.

Are you saying certain steroids aren’t better for dieting than others? I always assumed it was only because of the estrogen, but maybe I’m wrong.

You are wrong. But I think Tren works especially well because of the nutrient repartitioning effect mentioned by BBB.