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Weight Gainers as Pre/Peri/PWO Shake?


Hi guys, I just read "Scrawny to Brawny" by John Berardi. In the nutrition section he says to take a 'recovery' drink which are loaded with carbs and protein as pre/peri and post-workout shakes.

Since most weight gainers are Carb and protein loaded, could they be used as what JB suggested?

I know you guys here take Surge, but thats waayyy out of my budget for supplements considering I have to ship it internationally. And buying separate Pre, peri, post workout supplements would be really expensive.

Would weight gainers work?



I do not like them for pre, but I have always used them post with the addition of whey protein.


Any particular reason why not pre?

I had the same idea of adding in whey protein also just to bump up protein amount. According to the book, JB suggested drinking a shake 15 min before, during and post. Would there be any reason the carb in weight gainers would not work like the 'Recovery' drink he suggested?


Just personal experience but I've always found the weight gainer supps tend to feel a bit rich or heavy for pre and during. I end up feeling like I'll puke if I push too hard.


Arn't weight gainers usually carbs due to sugar?

There's a difference in carbs.


Yeah that's what a friend of mine said also. I was thinking, if thats the case, i'll add more water and slug it through. :wink:


That I'm not too sure of. I was planning on getting a weight gainer with the least sugar content anyway, hoping that would help.

What kind of carb would JB be talking about?


What the hell are you guys talking about...you WANT extremely refine, high glycemic carbs immediate PWO....

Bro..save yourself the money and realize that 2 servings of frosted or corn flakes and whey protein isolate is better. And if you must spend the money..just buy Surge or something similar...again, simple sugars and fast absorbing protein. Surge I believe is mainly dextrose and whey hydrosolate...

I still feel lowfat kids cereal and a whey shake is the tits. And just as effective.


Thanks for the input. Problem is, is that i cant get Surge. Price plus international shipment. So high GI carbs for PWO. Pre and peri?

I wanna give S2B a shot, but I cant get the EXACT nutrition/supplement recommendations down. So im just trying to find any other suitable alternatives.


I don't eat carbs pre-workout..actually I don't eat any food pre-workout so you are asking the wrong guy (Just 10gs BCAA before and another 10g during.) But for sure PWO you want refined, insulin spiking carbohydrates..


At the end of the day workout nutrition supps are a luxury. If you can't afford'em just load up on food and eat as soon as you're done lifting.


Thanks for the input.

Yeah, i can somewhat afford some supplements, its just that SURGE is out of the question with the shipment and all. So would the weight gainer be good if it was used as pre, peri and post like suggested in S2B?

JB only mentioned "liquid P+C for fast absorption." from the book itself, "drink containing simple sugar (sugar is quickly digested) and fast digesting protein is optimal".

Would weight gainers be suitable to do this?


I disagree. Vehemently.


Instead of using weight gainer for an unintended purpose, just get your hands on some whey and drink 2 scoops PWO. If you want you can add some Waxy Maize to it which is dirt cheap. Heck, you could even use table sugar.

Whey is a lot more flexible than a weight gainer anyhow.

Combine whey, oats and PB in a blender and you have a homemade weight gainer...


My pre-workout is $1.17 per serving (23g protein w/5g BCAA, 4g creatine, & 15g simple carb)
post-workout is $1.92 per serving (45g protein w/5g BCAA, 4g creatine & 50g simple carb)

I just drink water during.


You should disclose that you are heavily invested in General Mills...LOL.


I'm a fan of your shake recipie, but no PB post workout. I prefer the Maize to the oats as well for post workout.


you cant afford supplements but you are buying weight gainers?

im not a fan of simple sugars per work out any more but that's just me....

you can make your own "weight gainers" for half the price of the ones you buy. it may take some more time/inconvience but fi you want to save money, i would recommend doing that

as far as the pre workout stuff goes, if you're set on following Berardi's recommendations, just buy some whey or egg whites (whey is significantly cheaper) and mix a quick digesting carb with it ( table sugar, dextrose, maltodextrin, waxy maize, white bread, gatorade, etc)


oh and the reason you wouldnt want to use the weight gainers, is bc of the fat content. fat slows digestion of carbs/proteins, it'll sit in your stomach like a brick while you're working out, IMO


What pre/post workout shake did Arnold use?

What pre/post workout shake did Ronnie use? (besides the setup promo shots in his video to advertise his sponsor)

What you have to realise is that if you want to sell a shit load of product, you have to create a need or desire. To make you think that you will grow like Ronnie by using a given product is just bullshit advertising.

Try this, and this is for those of you on a tight budget.

Pre workout, about an hour before. 6 whole eggs. 2 tablespoons of olive oil or a couple of cups of cooked rice.
Post workout. Same again. Or something similar, like ground beef or turkey instead of eggs.

That's it. The magical "window" is bullshit. Yes, there are times when a shake is more convenient (i.e. 5am workout or straight after shcool/work) but the whole "must have a shake" thing is advertising bullshit aimed at exploiting the search for the "magic pill".