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Weight Gainers And Weight Gain

So I was a skinny guy who went from consuming like 1000 calories (or less) a day to 6000. 3000 are from weight gainer (maltodextrin, crystalline fructose, etc), in 3 divided dosages. But I don’t notice any increase in body fat (about 4.5%, consistently below 5%, want to be at 8%). My body weight has also remained pretty stable. Every medical professional I’ve shot the shit with told me you can’t excrete this stuff, it either goes into your cells, builds up your glycogen store, or is stored in adipose tissue (fat).

Any idea where my additional calories are dissappearing to?

Your metabolism is obviously super high if you are that low of bf consistently. Your weightgainer might be miss-informing you of what is in it as well.

In your spot I would have to say that I would just eat absolutely everything in sight. Worst case scenario you might gain a bit of fat but doesnt sound like that is going to happen.

Also what are your other activities like?? Do you do a lot of running, interval training etc?? If so try cutting down on that, doing short full body workouts 3x a week that concentrate on the big multijoint movements. Goodluck.

Perhaps the weight gainer has more calories from protein and less from carbs than other weight gainers. Don’t know if that’s an issue.

But there is definately only so much I can eat in a day.

Worst case scenario is bad foods = acne.

Some weeks I will do a lot of martial arts training… BJJ, Judo, submission wrestling… but for the longest time I was just doing weight lifting and still not gaining fat.

Thanks for replying dude. I appreciate it.

No worries man, I have a friend that has the same metabolism as you… hard as hell to put on mass but never has any fat. An idea for your shakes is to add flax oil/salmon oil as it will up your calories pretty easy though Im not sure how that will effect acne. Good thing is that when you finally manage to put on some meat its going to be lean and you will look real good. Good eating.

Look up some articles by Berardi-in fact, you should read amap because you’ll find a solution there. In 1 of them (don’t remember which one, sorry) he talks about what he had to do to gain weight and how much he had to eat.

You better get reading

Yeah, I believe it was Massive Eating. I too thought I ate a lot until I read that article. I actually had to eat so much I didn’t like it. I ate so I was full all the time, basically. I put on 7 pounds in 3 weeks, so it worked. Oh, when in doubt, drink whole milk. Lots of it. Well, at least if you process milk well, like i do. At one point I drank about half a gallon a day, and my weight went up. If you really are getting in 6k calories a day and not gaining anything, just try to eat more calorie dense foods and high carb foods. The blood sugar rebound will get you to eat more. The all-you-can-eat chinese buffet is your friend.

I tried a GNC brand weight gainer. It got me about 15lbs and then the gains halted. I increased the servings and it still nothing happend. Then when I stopped taking it and just started eating like hell, I gained again, slowly, but still gaining.

My rule, may not be a good one, but is to eat every time I use the bathroom. Something leaves my body, something goes back in its place. Kinda weird but it works for me.

“But there is definately only so much I can eat in a day.”

Quit f’n crying. You are not the one human being in the world for whom it is impossible to gain weight. Eat more. Eat so much that it hurts to eat and just the thought of it makes you shiver.

As far as the acne thing goes, what I’ve read debunks the whole “chocolate, etc. will give you acne” theory from back in the 60’s. Plus you said bad food=acne. Don’t eat bad food then.

Not trying to be mean, but suck it up and just do it.

How long have you been eating 6,000 calories per day? It takes time to gain weight. Also, maybe make a log of what you eat and post it up here. You may be actually consuming less than you think you are.

Do what I did…

I will say it isn’t the best way but… it worked…

1/2 Pint Ice Cream (Premium)
2 large bananas
3 cups skim milk

then go to bed… yes it will be hard to fall asleep.

I did this my senior year of high school. Went from 135-165 in 1 school year. 135 @ 8% - 165 @ 11%.

And if you are worried about acne here is a trick of the trade. When you wash your face fill up the sink with warm-hot water then pour in a handful of epsom salt. Rinse your face with the epsom salt. It works wonders for the skin. I don’t know how/why but it does.

Oh… the reason weight gainers have so many calories… bigger scoop.

go eat.

I was actually just reading some articles (search Massive Eating) and I found some interesting weight gaining techniques:

  1. 8 scoops of protein powder in 1 gal whole milk. Carry it around with you the whole day and drink it.

  2. Peanut butter on bagels. Make about 10 or so and munch on them throughout the day.

  3. McDonald’s double hamburgers: buy 10 (gotta love the dollar menu) and eat throughout the day.

These methods are for serious hard-gainers and are used in addition to 7 or 8 meals. I believe that whole food is better than weight gainers. Man, just thinkin about those hamburgers makes me jelous. Have fun getting bigger!

If you’re finding it hard to get enough calories in protein vs. fat, here’s a clue: you’re not getting enough fats.

At 9cal per g, vs. 4cal per g for protein and carbs, fats pack a lot of calorie punch.

Definitely, you should be reading Berardi.