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mkay so heres the deal. im finding myself not being able to get past a certain weight. im eating plenty of meals which consists of eggs, whole grain bread, chicken breasts, blueberrys, black beans and rice, cottage cheese, beef, PBJ sandwhiches, 3 whey protin shakes on workout days, 2 shakes on off days. thats not in any specific order but that is what i eat on a daily basis. im tryin to beef my body up so im doin some heavy lifting. recently ive ben thinking of getting off whey protein and jumping on some weight gainer cause my metabolism seems to be ignorantly too fast. is anyone else on weight gainer in here that has my same problem at all? everyone i know at the gym uses either creatine or whey so i don’t have anyone to get advice from. should i throw pasta in my diet or wtf am i doing wrong

I would stay away froma weight gainer simply because you will gain some muscle (hopefully) but probably also gain A LOT of fat.

Is whey the only kind of protein you eat besides what you get from food? If you want to add mass, get some metabolic drive or other high quality protein and drink it a lot. Also, drink lots of milk. Then when you can’t drink any more milk, drink some more.

It’s hard to know what else to tell you without more information on your diet. You probably need to eat more calories. Post more information on your diet and other people will be more likely to respond. They will also have some good advice for you.

like what other info do you want on my diet. i gave you my everyday meal. if you want me to break it down into how many calories i get a day and how much protein i get, well then gimme awhile.

ill check out the Metabolic Drive and read up on it, as for how you said ill gain fat from the weight gain powder… well i have like 8-9% body fat so i dont think it could hurt me right?

oh and no i dont get protein from just my whey… if u read my diet you would see that every meal i eat has lotta protein

[quote]neptune wrote:
oh and no i dont get protein from just my whey… if u read my diet you would see that every meal i eat has lotta protein[/quote]

No. He was asking if whey is the only protein you’re drinking; as in not getting a good protein blend in your shake like you’d get from Metabolic Drive.

[quote]neptune wrote:
like what other info do you want on my diet. i gave you my everyday meal.

You gave a list of the types of things you eat but not any solid quantities. There was a thread a few weeks ago about easy ways to add extra calories. It listed a lot of good ways; much better than weight gain drinks.

The extra calories in weight gain drinks are simple sugars - ie: crap. You’d be better off putting a tbsp or 2 of olive oil in your normal protein shakes. That’s an extra 120 - 240 calories easily.

Try keeping a food log.After two weeks of writing down everything you eat,add it up and see how much you’re eating.Then,if you’re not gaining any weight,add in 500 calories from there and keep adding in 500 each week until you reach your goal.If it’s that bad,try eating some pizza and wash it down with some whole milk every week or on the weekends.Make sure you’re eating plenty of carbs too.Pasta might be your best friend when bulking.Your current weight seems to be your set-point.Here is a list of some quality foods that you can add into your diet to make eating like a pig easier:

2 tblspoons of peanut butter(I like crunchy):210 calories,9 g protein,16 g fat,6 carbs.

1 tblspoon of olive oil:120 calories,14 g fat.

One cup of whole milk: 120 calories,8 g fat,9 g protein.

One slice of pizza from pizza hut:about 350-450 calories.

A homemade double cheeseburger(with lean beef): 695 calories,25 g fat,88 g protein.

One can of AMY’s chili:380 calories,12 g fat,16 g protein,40 carbs.

You see,there are many ways to add in extra calories. At the end of the day,just add in 2 tblspoons of nut butter.That would be an extra 420 calories. If you’re doing a lot of cardio or play a lot of sports,you’re gonna have to eat more calories too.Like maveric said,drink a bunch of whole milk or 2 % milk.
Good luck,Poe.

when i was at work, thinking about the post, i realized i did read maveric’s post wrong. sorry lol

i never knew olive oil had so many calories in it. i’ll keep a food log and im gunna throw some extra calories into what i already eat. cthulhu i thank you for that list, its gunna be very helpful :slight_smile:

i used weight gainers b4 and after the gym whilst tryen to add weight and it did help and it wasnt all fat.

allthough u cud make ur own just buy maltrodextrin and protein mix the 2 together and eat alot of nuts with the shake that would be better for ya.