Weight Gainer

I was thinking of starting a weight gainer. I was worried I am going to gain to much weight and not enough in the muscle. I am 6,2 155p and 16 years old. I do 3 hours of cardio every night (through MMA) and I weight lift for an hour 5 times a week. Any comments you could make that would be great.

You’ll be fine, my friend. You are 16 and apparently very active. Eat as much as possible; you are already skinny at your current height/weight. Most weight gainer powders will give you about 1,000 calories for 4 scoops. Start off with 2 scoops a day and see if that suits your needs. Keep reading articles on this site about weightlifting and you’ll do great.

I recommend gaining at least 50 more lbs as soon as possible. Use your youth to your advantage!

ok thanks a lot

people think since theyre “supplements” theyre healthy but wont eat a burger and fries…

you’re lean AND very active… dont hold back

save yourself the money grind up some oatmeal, and dont be afraid to add peanut butter, chocolate syrup, fruit cottage cheese, milk oreo’s or what ever you want

OP, what exactly did you eat yesterday?

Write it out in detail and estimate the calories.

Post it here and you will get much better feedback.

A blender is the best weight gainer…I suggest you get one! You can easily make your own 1,000 Cal shakes.