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Weight Gainer


What is a good weight gainer that you guys like, or have had success with?


food? in a blender


I've heard the most weight gainers use a lot of sugar to get the calories up.

I think 2 scoops of regular protein powder in milk with peanut butter and a banana must be about 700 calories or more and be 'heartier'.


This one works for me..Waxy Mass by redXlabs


That's basically it. Most of the weight gainers you find in stores are a combination of some protein + lots of generic carbohydrate/fat sources. Making a weight gainer yourself is damn easy. Here's an example (and there are basically endless possibilities):

2 Scoops protein powder (200 calories, ~45g of protein)
2 cups of 2% milk (240 calories, 16g protein)
2 medium bananas (210 calories, 2g protein)
3 TBSP Peanut Butter ( ~300 calories, 12g of protein)
Crushed ice

= 900 calories, ~ 75g of protein


I knew someone would say that. Ive actually been making my own home made shake with 1000 Calories, but its just getting to be a pain, and I would like something more convenient. In case there's any confusion, I'm obviously talking about powdered weight gainer supplements.


I swear I posted here this morning!

Anyway, I'd say a shake made with milk, 2 scoops of quality protein powder, some peanut butter and a banana must be about 800 calories. Have one in the morning and one at night. I think that would be 'heartier' than a weight gainer which has too much sugar in it.


Peanut butter+milk+oats


No offence mate, but judging of ur RMP thread it obviously doesn't work.... i don't think ur in any position to give advice about gaining weight.


Goin of the RMP thread u posted i don't think any weight gainer works for you. I don't think you in any position to advice people about gaining weight!


I think weight gainers are good for a very short period if you're having a hard time getting calories in. But as soon as your body gets "adjusted" to getting the extra calories you should switch to just eating food OR as mentioned earlier to a milk/protein mix or homemade shake.

Main reason being a lot of the calories come from simple sugars, and you WILL put on fat with them. An inexpensive one is ON's Serious Mass, like 12 lbs for $45. But as I said, you shouldn't do it for long, it will put on the unwanted fat around the belly area. Just personal experience.


Food works well.


I havent shopped at GNC in a couple of years but they have a weight gainer called Mass XXX. It was the only one I kept taking. Might want to look into it.


its_Sid, ur 140lbs no weight gainer works for you obviously. Start givin advice when ur 200+.


youre 140lbs


2 eggs
2 scoops of whey
1/2 cup of oats
frozen berries
table spoon of peanut butter
tablespoon of olive oil
10oz whole milk
chocolate syrup if youre really skinny


So combining 4 ingredients into a blender is such a massive inconvenience for you that you MUST find a powder that will cost 80 dollars for about 10 servings and will be filled with mostly sugar and other crap carbs?

Here if you don't want to blend-
Protein Powder
Quick Oats
Olive Oil

You can easily adjust each ingredient to meet the P/C/F you are looking for.


I like how I posted twice (board problem!) and I gave two different calorie estimates. OMG is my face red!!!


I was 125 when I started taking weight gainer and eating significantly more about two and a half months ago so I feel it worked for me..got me up to 140. But as I said I ate more and drank about a litre of milk per day.