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Weight Gainer? What else?

19 years old, plan on trying to stick to a basic training program involving mainly big movements, working also on muscles that will help. 5 8" 1/2 weigh 155, very lean, ectosmall bone structure (aka: speedy). Is weight gainer valid, what diet is best for me? Is there a way i can affect my metabolism to put on weight without feeling like dead cow?
PS: whats a GREAT multivitamin that won’t counter each other like zinc and calcium do?

Robbie, I don’t think it’s a good idea to attempt to slow the metabolism. I’m not even sure if there’s a way to do this. Anyways, by Weight gainer do you mean those sugar-loaded drink mixes? Don’t bother with these dude, just make your own with protein powder, skim milk powder and perhaps some natural peanut butter for some fat. Drink this crap (actually it’s not crap, it’s damn tasty) all day, along with the post-workout meals, a healthy dinner, a good breakfast and pre-bedtime snack and you will gain weight for sure. If you’re very lean and trying to gain weight try not to get caught up in the scientific game. Just get your grub on and stick to the basics in the gym. If you need any motivation, check out the Scrawny Bastard Support Group post (SBSG). Good luck!

Welcome to the iron game. Actually most of your questions could be answered in the FAQ, but try Berardi’s Massive Eating. It’s the first plan that I know of where you can modify your macronutrient intakes to suit your needs (in the same plan). If you’re an ultra mega hardgainer you could try the POW diet (in the archives). Vitamin-wise, it doesn’t take anything fancy. Solotron by GNC is a good, no-frills basic multi and they offer “buy one, get one half price” on them. Most of the weight gainers are loaded with sugar, but they will provide calories. You’re better off getting most of your cals from food, with 1 or 2 protein shakes a day to supplement. Just make sure you’re getting plenty of cals and protein and at least six meals a day, and you’re on your way. Again, check the FAQ and this will answer most all of your questions.

I take a product called Size Up. It’s made by Worldwide Sports Nutrition. It has about 850 calories per serving with 50 grams of protein and only 2 grams of sugar. I drink a shake after training. This might be too many calories at one time for lots of people, but I need a lot of food. The serving size is three scoops so if you wanted less, you could just take two scoops. You could make your own shake with 2% milk, protein powder,peanut butter, friut, chocolate syrup or anything. Just make sure it’s a lot of calories. Eat enough and you’ll grow.