Weight Gainer Instead Of Protein?

hey guys, i been using protein everyday, 2 scoops a day at least. i found some weight gainer, though, thats got like 40 grams of protein, along with 18 amino acids, taurine, 5 grams of creatine, and 5 grams of glutamine within it. since im tryin to bulk up, should i perhaps go with this? or just stick with regular protein?

Depends how many scoops make a serving???

What type of protein?

All your protein powders have aminos, that is what protein is. nothing new there.

Creatine is Cheap, buy monohydrate.

How Much simplen CHEAP, junk sugar and fats are in this weight gainer??

Those are a few of the questions to ask.

I tend to say stick with a protein supp and make the difference with REAL food. Or the other way round actually Eat real food and fill in the gaps with the powder.

Hope that helps,

I was as skinny as they came. But you have to realize that in order to bulk up you have to eat. Alot. Like more than you have ever eaten before.

I tried the creatine, whey protein, etc. on my old workout routine, and the results were mediocre at best.

However, since I started eating more protein, and taking in alot more calories, my weight has gone up 5 lbs. in the last month. Which is completely unprecendented for me. I ran out of protein supplement, so I am going to start that again. But really, eating makes all the difference.

don’t buy shitty protein powder. Stick with the good stuff made by Biotest: Grow!

Drink lots of milk and eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

Get your weight gainer, and eat a ton of food along with a few servings a day. Just make sure you get a lot of calories, if that takes a weight gainer, go for it.