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Weight Gainer for Post-Workout Nutrition?

A friend of mine, leaving from my college campus to live and work in the real world, decided he didn’t want to use the Weight Gainer powder that he bought. So he gave it to me for free. Normally I wouldn’t even think twice about a product like that, but the price was right-what can I say. So my question is how effective will a weight gainer be as part of my post-workout shake? I read the ingredients. It has long, meduim, and short chain polysaccharides from corn, crystalline fructose, and dextrose. I know dextrose is good for an insulin surge, but I’m not sure how effective the other two are. Will it be worth using? Any input is appreciated.

dont worry about it, as long as there is some decent protein with the sugar, and not a ton of fat, drink it PW.

The price is right… add more protein to it and take it post workout.