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Weight Gain


Ok so recently ive dropped over 30 lbs to compete at 198 from 227 down to 195 but the competition got cancelled.
Ive lost significant strength and i wanna bulk back up to about 210 then cut down again for competition. To gain my weight i will be doing something strange here it is.

5 meals
1 -2 servings oatmeal 2 pints milk
2- 2 servings oatmeal 2 pints milk
3- 2 servings oatmeal 2 pints milk
4 2 servings oat meal 2 pints milk
5- post workout 600 cals of my sandwhich from work.

3000 calories total.

Im just wondering what kind of strength gains i will have with a diet like this.
Also i dont want to get extremely fat.

I am doing a wendler 531 program but i am squatting 3x a week .

What can i expect from this plan? I dont want to get a huge gut but since im working out 5x a week hard i figured.id gain the weight slowly and with less fat. What do you think?


Is this all your eating oatmeal and milk? Besides a sandwich of course. And how do you program squatting 3x a week with 531?


Yes thats pretty much all im eating the sandwhich is called a sundowner its got two hmburgers two egs and two pieces of cheese about 25 grams of fat 32 grams of protein and about 40 carbs.

I recently switched to high bar squat so im squatting alot to get the movement pattern down im doing more of a 5x5 routine for this 3x a week
Mon- regular squat day 5x5
Tues Bench
Weds squat 5x5
Thursday overhead press
Saturday deadlift then 5x5 squats.

Will this work?


I'm not a diet expert at all I would just think some variety like chicken, rice, veggies, and lean ground beef or a steak at least to mix things up I get sick of eating the same stuff over and over. As for squats I ask because I like 531 but I have always had better progress when I squat 2 or more times a week so its nice to see what other people do.


Sounds like a good way to develop a food allergy and/or develop something between a sub-clinical to full on vitamin deficiency.


I figure im getting plenty of carbs this way an optimal amouny of protein and fat. I have off work weds and sunday i will add variety on those days be it a steak buffet whatever i feel like for a meal. My job is super fast paced and i work 10 hour shifts. I manage a restaurant so i can take my oatmeal and there is pints of milk there i find it very quick and easy to chomp down 2 servings of oatmeal in one pint of milk then chug another pint lol. I know youre thinking hey you manage a damn restaurant add some variety but this isnt a typical restaraunt. Its more like hotdogs cheeseburgers and the like. (Fast food)

As for squatting more i love it and find better gains.

If you want to squat twice a week why not just work up to a heavy triple after deadlifts and use the squat as an assistance excercise.

Wendler 531 is not set in stone you can tweak it to meet your goals. I know a guy whobdoes strongman and he does 2 week cycles and never dealoads he basically does the 5 and the 1 week and squats twice a week and he just won delawares stronman comp and is on hisbway to nationals. Hes a beast lol


What do you mean vitamin defiency? Could this hospitalize me? I just dont have time for alot of variety.


What if i throw in some fruit and veggies like for meal one and three
Say meal one 1 serving oatmeal 1 milk 1 glass orange juice and a serving of peanuts.
Meal 3 1 bananna one serving oatmeal 1 milk and some chi seeds ? Will that help me from becoming too vitamin lacking?


Why are you competing at a 30lb lighter weight class? Especially if you noted that you lost a significant amount of strength? Why not just stay at the higher class?

In regards to your diet, that sounds miserable. 5 of the same meal. Gawd, that seems like death. For short term, you won't get hurt from eating a limited variety diet. Just take a multi or something.

Id check the macros, write them out. Seems like a heap of sugar from the milk to me.


Would i be better off adding protein powder instead of milk every meal also that would give me alot more vitamins.

I want to compete at 198 because i didnt have great numbers to compete at 225

Bench 335

All done raw with only belt.


Not to turn your diet thread into a weight class one, but what are your numbers at 198? Unless you're planning on winning it (really) or setting a record, just go for your highest wilks you can.

I'm no diet expert, but having maybe one or two scoops with one or two meals couldn't hurt...


At 198
Squat 430 hard
Bench 310
Deadlift same 550


That would help a great deal. Why not throw in some eggs with assorted veggies and pre-diced up ham into a tortilla and just nuke it before you go to work for breakfast. Wrap it in foil or something and you can even eat it during your commute. Once your in a routine it'll go really fast.

Protein smoothies are really fast too. Just throw in some milk, fruit, super food or greens would be a nice add in, protein powder, and ice cubes and voila. You can up the calories by using extra virgin olive oil or heavy whipping cream. Feel free to vary ingredients. In fact I'd encourage you to. I'm sure if you thought about it you could manage to make something like this at work.

Food allergies can develop from eating the same thing over and over again. This happened to me with milk and eggs so I had to totally cut them out for a long time before I could have them again. What would happen is that when I ate those foods, they make my throat feel itchy, I'd build up a lot of mucous in my throat too, and I'd feel queasy.

I don't know about hospitalization, but if you eat the same thing over and over again vitamin deficiencies can happen. You've heard of scurvy, right? Happens from not getting vitamin C. You end up with bowed legs and immune system issues from it. It just depends on how long you go without certain nutrients and your individual make up (some people respond better than others to nutrient deprived diets). But maybe your one of those people who can just eat ramen all day everyday and be fine. It's kind of like rolling the dice, you never know until you've done it. Although I would hope you would notice something is off before landing in a hospital lol.

And there's no set in stone rule about 5 meals a day. Whether losing, maintaining, or gaining weight, I usually only eat 3-4 meals a day. I eat real light before work and eat something light while working too and then pretty much gorge on healthy(ish) stuff when I get home. I'll sometimes have protein powder in water and a piece of fruit 30-60min to working out if I feel too famished to get anything out of one. I also make large batches of food on off days too so I have leftovers for a couple or so days after off day for when I get home and sometimes for breakfast.

I know you just want to have the same thing over and over again for simplicity but a person is optimal with a varied diet. And there are ways to accomplish that with a large workload without going crazy from added food work and time. It just takes a little more thought.

With a decent diet you may even find you respond better to the stress in your life and recover better from workouts.

Whatever you do, good luck.


Thanks for the replies guys it has helped alot i just gotta find a convient way to make 5 meals with 300 carbs lol


no offense but i worked in restaurants for 13 years. there was maybe less than 5 days where i could not get something to eat my entire shift. there is time if you make time. also, OSHA states that you get a 15 minute paid break for every 4 hours of work. you should get at least 2 paid breaks as well as an unpaid lunch. so i would report your job for improper labor practices unless you signed an agreement stating that you may or will not get those breaks.

even when i had a boss that didnt want to let me take breaks and i was to young and dumb to know better, i still found restaurants were the easiest way to get in lots of food during the day. all the restaurants i worked at we would have morning production then a break before lunch. a few slow hours in the afternoon and then a few hours at night before close. it was not busy non stop all day.

and i agree that that diet is horrible. if you were going to eat only 1 thing all day i would pick some fruit or veggies over oatmeal. you can also eat before your shirt, and after your shift with some variety. if you do not have time for all that variety than you dont have time to reach your goals to be honest. make it a priority and you will get it done. dont have the time and nothing will change.


Also, just on numbers, at 198 your total is 6.5xBW where as at 225 its only 5.9xBW. Something to consider.


I've never had a job where they followed that 15 minute paid break every 4 hours and even had one job where they didn't allow a lunch break. They did let us bring snacks or whatever food we wanted that we could eat while working at least. If they didn't I would've found another job.


your diet sounds high in fat, high in carbs, and moderate in protein. that's a really easy way to get fat. check the nutritional content of everything - your grams of protein should be equal to or greater than your carbs, and if you want a high fat diet you need to drop the carbs a bit